Summary: If there’s one thing we all know intimately, it’s stress. It’s part of our human nature. But stress doesn’t have to be omnipresent. In fact, stress can have serious health impacts if you let it get the better of you. So how do you deal with stress, how do you keep it at bay? That’s a good question, and we offer some strategies to do just that.

A Few Great Ways to Help You Deal with Stress

This time of year is stressful. Everyone is so busy all the time. There’s school, there’s work, there’s everything in between. And the days are getting shorter. There’s less time with the sun. That can lead to a significant increase in stress. And nobody likes stress, right?

Dealing with stress is one of those perennial problems. We can all relate because, frankly, we all have stressful lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of means available to help reduce and prevent that stress. In fact, relieving stress is a huge sector of the economy all on its own!

So here are three quick ways to help you deal with stress. These are, basically, procedures available from a local cosmetic surgeon or medical spa. And if the patients of these procedures are to be believed (they are), relieving your stress is well worth it!

Stress Reliever #1: Injections of Vitamin B

This may sound like it’s a little bit out of left field, but injections of Vitamin B12 can actually be quite beneficial when it comes to improving your mood. Vitamin B is something that can be somewhat difficult to get into your body—it’s not always a regular part of some people’s regular diets.

But Vitamin B12 is also incredibly important. It can keep your immune system running smoothly, it can help you be more active during the day (it gives you a boost of energy), and, therefore, it can actually help you sleep better at night, too. Vitamin B12 injections are a great way to help you cope with stress during these busy days.

In most cases, a Vitamin B12 injection can be accomplished quite quickly. Most patients are pretty much in and out—which is good, because in most cases, those patients are already quite busy (that’s why they want the B12 shot in the first place).

Stress Reliever #2: Massage Therapy

Many medical spas and cosmetic surgery clinics have begun including massage therapy in the services they offer. This is true whether it’s massage therapy in Minneapolis or Los Angeles. And there’s a reason for this. Massage therapy has an amazing ability to help people get rid of stress.

After all, if you think about stress, most of it is carried in the body. Your muscles tense. You get headaches. You lose sleep. In other words, your body pays the price for your stress. A massage, conducted by a massage therapist, is a great way to help your body relax again.

And once your body relaxes, you feel better again. And feeling good can reduce stress. It’s a way of creating a cycle not of pain and anguish but of positive reinforcement. A good massage can’t be rushed—but that’s kind of the whole point. Its worth spending an hour or so focused on yourself and on feeling better.

Stress Reliever #3: Botox

You might think I’m stretching to find a third option (and an option available at most medical spas), but there’s actually some compelling evidence that Botox injections can help with stress and moods. There have even been several studies that suggest Botox can help with clinical Depression.

Even if you don’t suffer from Clinical Depression (or Seasonal Mood Disorder), Botox can provide a little pick me up. Looking in the mirror and seeing fewer wrinkles—and more of your smile—can perk up your confidence and self-esteem. And that can mean that your mood improves.

Your mood, for better or worse, is inextricably linked to how stressed out you feel. Stress is easier to deal with when you’re in a good mood and harder to deal with when you’re already in a bad mood. Botox won’t necessarily help you eliminate stress—but it can help you feel good (which, in turn, can help you cope with stress).

Take Some Time to Focus on You

In some ways, it almost doesn’t matter which procedure you choose. What’s important is that you take some time to focus on yourself. Stress can be incredibly draining—it can sap all of your reserves, which then invites more stress. Taking some time to recharge—however you want to do that—is vital to keeping the damaging effects of stress at bay.

Sometimes that can take the form of a weekend in with a good movie and a good friend. But it’s also okay for that stress relief to take the form of some self-pampering, such as a B12 injection, a massage, or even some Botox.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I like the massage therapy. But the other ways… I might try them when my stress levels soar high and won’t fall down. Keep it up! I will share this with others as well.

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