Summary: These tips for natural looking rhinoplasty results are intended to help you start a great consultation process. Many patients go into consultations thinking that the bigger the change, the better. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, smaller, simpler changes to the nose can make the biggest impact. It will all depend on the particulars of your case. But, sometimes, getting a natural looking rhinoplasty result all begins with a thorough conversation. At least, as long as you follow your recovery instructions down the road.

Tips for Natural Looking Rhinoplasty

A nose job can make a big different in your life–and it can make a big impression on your face. Most patients don’t want their plastic surgery to make the wrong impression, of course. That’s why these tips for natural looking rhinoplasty might be able to help you visualize the nose you want from your procedure.

You should first discuss all of your rhinoplasty goals with your plastic surgeon. That’s because some of your goals may or may not be achievable. The nose is, after all, a notoriously unpredictable receptor of plastic surgery, in some part because the recovery process takes so long.

Communicating with your surgeon about what you need from the procedure–a nose that looks natural–is vital if you truly want the best chance at enjoying those natural looking rhinoplasty results. Hopefully these tips will also help, but much depends on you, your surgeon, and the communication between.

Tips for Before Surgery

When we talk about natural looking rhinoplasty results, it might be useful if we first talk about what that actually means. It’s going to be different for each and every patient. For most people, it simply means that your nose surgery will be difficult to detect, that the results will blend in with your natural features.

There are certainly some ways you can help to achieve that before surgery ever starts.

Know What You Want to Change

The first thing you can do is recognize precisely what you want to change about your nose. Now, don’t worry, this isn’t a deal breaker. There are plenty of rhinoplasty patients who first go to the surgeon with little more than “I don’t like my nose” as instruction. But the more you know about what you want to change, the more control you have over the results. The bolder your results are, the more likely someone in your circle of friends and family might be to recognize that you had surgery.

Visualize the Results

Surgeons these days have a wide variety of tools that are designed to help patients anticipate their results. Using these visualization tools can really help you achieve the results you’re after because you’ll be able to make alterations to the virtual results before surgery begins. In other words, it will help surgeons zero in on precisely what you want and how you might achieve it.

Tips for After Surgery

The surgical procedure itself is going to be entirely in the hands of your surgeon. That’s a good thing. That’s the way we want it! But there are some ways that patients can help out after surgery, just like they help out before the procedure.

Follow Your Recovery Instructions

The most important thing a patient can do after their surgery is follow their recovery instructions as closely as possible. All patients will receive details and personalized instructions from their surgeons. Those instructions are designed to maximize your comfort while safeguarding your results. Following them is necessary if you want your natural looking rhinoplasty results.

Take Care of Your Nose

You should also take the time to safeguard your nose a little bit–or at least be careful around your nose. This might mean changing your sleeping habits slightly or taking time off of work after your procedure. The important thing is that your nose encounters no trauma after your surgery, as this can permanently alter the shape of your nose.

Some Alternatives

If you don’t want to achieve your results using traditional, surgical means, there are some alternatives that patients have found over the years:

  • Non surgical rhinoplasty: A non surgical nose job, which involves the injection of dermal fillers into the nose, can create subtle transformations that last for 18-24 months. There’s no recovery or downtime, and the changes are small, so the non surgical nose job is a great, alternative way for patients to get natural looking results.
  • Makeup: If you aren’t big on the permanence of your results, you can always use makeup. Contouring is the big new thing in makeup trends, and with the right techniques you can change the way that certain parts of your body–nose included–look to the naked eye.

Getting your natural looking rhinoplasty results will require some thought on your part–thought about how you want to get there, what you want the results to be, and how you’re going to make it through the recovery process. A nose that looks like your own is certainly possible, and hopefully these tips for natural looking rhinoplasty results will help spur a good conversation with your surgeon.

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