Summary: The traditional image of laser hair removal is one of a woman who simply wants to remove the hassle of shaving from her life. Recently, however, laser hair removal treatments have found a new audience: those in the transgender community. It’s particularly popular with men transitioning to women, who want to have more masculine facial and leg hair removed permanently.

The Laser Hype

Let’s face it. We live in a society that downright adores lasers. We’d use lasers to do everything if we could. If your iPhone could be made out of lasers, you’d pay more for it right? Because, well, lasers! It’s like living in the future. Which is a long way of saying, sometimes when we talk about laser procedures, there’s a bit of hype involved.

The Laser Reality

When it comes to hair removal, however, it’s a different story. In this case, laser hair removal is a great little procedure. Essentially, a laser passes through your skin and attacks (with laser heat) your hair follicle, damaging the follicle and limiting its ability to grow any further. It’s a popular procedure, especially among women, who have a lot of surface area to cover with a razor. The procedure generally takes a few sessions to achieve the complete effect.

And laser hair removal isn’t as new as the name might make you think. In fact, Carillon Clinic, a Twin Cities based medical spa, has been performing the procedure for Minneapolis laser hair removal clients since 1997.

A New Audience

That said, laser hair removal is finding a new audience in a relatively unexpected place: the transgender community. Of course, if you stop and think about it, this makes perfect sense. For example, for a male transitioning to female, there are all sorts of hair growths that can lead to an unfeminine look, and therefore undermine the transition.

Many transgendered women, then, will seek to have their facial hair removed by a laser procedure. And most cosmetic surgeons are only too happy to comply. This is certainly the case at Carillon, which offers the procedure to those going through the gender reassignment process. Though it should be noted that, often, hormonal treatments are taken in concert with laser removal regiments. Men transitioning to women may also be interested in having laser hair removal performed on their legs and armpits—again, to achieve a more feminine look.

Do Not Try Lasers at Home

Laser hair removal, whether for more traditional purposes, or as part of a gender reassignment process, should always be performed by a professional, and—especially if hormone treatments are involved—with the knowledge of your doctor.

In the end, the procedure is about the freedom to be who you want to be without having to buy 12 razors every week.

When you’re ready for a smooth look without all the fuss, make sure to reach out to your plastic or cosmetic surgeon to get started.

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