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Summary: The trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures of the year might surprise you. Plastic surgery social media website compiled data from their website and produced a list of popular cosmetic surgery procedures. We’ll admit, we were surprised by one or two of the entries on their list. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures of 2017—especially if you see something you like!

What Do You Think the Trendiest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Might Be?

We tend to think of the word “trend” in a negative light, but when it comes to the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures of the last year or so, we’re speaking in positive terms! Sometimes, a trend doesn’t necessarily descend into “fad” territory. Instead, let’s think of these trends as leading the way.

It would not shock anyone to know that cosmetic surgery tends to thrive on innovation. Sometimes that innovation doesn’t live up to its promise. That’s what we call a fad. In other cases, one particular innovation catches on with the public imagination—and it’s able to perform as advertised. That’s what we might call a trend.

There are many types of procedural innovations in between. Sometimes a procedure can start slow but then catch on years later. That’s a trend, too, even if the procedure itself sounds a little more familiar to the trained ear. The trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures of 2017 will include some techniques that are brand new and some techniques that are catching on after a while now.

The Popularity of CoolSculpting

According to the results of a RealSelf end-of-year survey (which forms the backbone of the data we’re using for this article), Coolsculpting and other non invasive body contouring procedures were easily the “trendiest” cosmetic surgery of 2017.

While Coolsculping certainly isn’t the only game in town when it comes to eliminating fat without surgery, it’s definitely the most popular (with the strongest name recognition). That’s partly because of the way it functions:

  • A technician will place the Coolsculpting hand unit against your skin
  • The hand unit provides suction and cold
  • The cold damages fat cells (without harming skin cells) while the suction pulls fat cells closer to the hand unit

The added benefit of a procedure that relies on cold is that, in most cases, the low temperature acts as a numbing agent. Patients generally feel very little discomfort during a Coolsculpting procedure. And while the results tend to be much more subtle than a surgical procedure, such as a liposuction, many patients end up leaving happy.

Hair Restoration is in this Year

Okay, we’re skipping around a little bit. But I really wanted to focus on the RealSelf survey’s most surprising results. And one result that really struck me was the third most popularly searched procedure: hair restoration. Now, there are plenty of ways that hair restoration can be accomplish, such as NeoGrafting.

However, I suspect that this result was in reference to new PRP for Hair Loss solutions that have been cropping up across the country this year. According to the website of the Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic, which offers PRP for hair loss in the Twin Cities, this procedure is a novel way to try to regrow hair.

Essentially, PRP for hair loss injects platelet-rich-plasma from the patient’s own body into the scalp. For a variety of reasons, the PRP is able to encourage hair regrowth in the treated areas. For many patients, it’s a way to thicken hair without too much fuss. And since millions of men and women in the United States suffer from thinning hair, it’s no wonder this is one of the trendy cosmetic surgery procedures of 2017.

And Then There’s Hair Removal

It’s interesting that hair loss treatments are in the top ten, but so are hair removal treatments. I mean, I guess that shouldn’t be shocking. People want hair on certain parts of their body and they want smooth skin on other parts. In some ways, it’s not all that different than fat.

Laser hair removal has been around for a while, but the instruments used to produce results have improved significantly. That means that patients can get smoother skin with less discomfort. Many patients will use laser hair removal, for example, in order to clear hair from:

  • Legs (the most popular choice, largely because shaving or waxing the legs is such a time consuming chore)
  • Underarms (another area that is commonly desired to be smooth)
  • Back (we don’t talk about this one much, but it’s a popular choice for both men and women)
  • Chest (a popular choice for men)

Laser hair removal has been around for a while. But the more effective it is, the more it will grow in popularity.

Not Just About What’s Trending

It’s important to remember that novel and trending procedures are really designed for one simple reason: to give patients more options. The more options that exist, the more likely you are to find the single procedure that really works for you. And, to a large extent, that’s really what cosmetic surgery is all about: finding the procedure that works for you.

The trendiest cosmetic procedures just might do that, allowing you to get results that you’d never considered possible before. If that’s the case, it means that cosmetic surgery is definitely on the right track!

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