Summary: Celebrities have been in the news often the past few days…er…decades. That’s not altogether uncommon. But it is uncommon for those celebrities to spout any kind of hesitation about those procedures or to get too thoughtful about them. Iggy Azalea has been doing just that lately, and it’s somewhat refreshing as she talks about body image and the way she thinks about various parts of her body. Of course, the way you feel about your body will change over the years, so sometimes temporary results are the best results, especially in younger patients.


Iggy Azalea on Her Plastic Surgery

Of all the celebrities who have been in the news lately for their plastic surgery procedures, I have found that Iggy Azalea has been among the most open and most articulate—not only in terms of what she had done but also as to why she did it. Azalea speaks about the need to be comfortable in one’s own body and how that comfort level changes over time. Azalea has used her own experiences to talk to younger people about what they can and can’t expect from plastic surgery, and how those expectations can change over time.

When it comes to young people and plastic surgery, there is a lot to be cautious about, and I tend to agree with Azalea when she sounds those notes of caution. After all, the results of plastic surgery are—by design—quite permanent. You may hate your nose when you’re a teenager, but if you change it when you’re young, you deny yourself the opportunity to grow to like your nose. Look at it this way: you might hate your nose now, but you can’t be sure how you’ll feel in ten years. Only life experience grants you that kind of foresight. And while it’s true that a thirty-year-old patient can make no guarantee about his or her opinion on his or her nose, age grants a certain amount of wisdom in these matters.

Younger Patients?

Which is a really polite way of saying that younger patients (people) can be quite impulsive. It’s in their nature (and, to a large degree, wired into their brains). Of course, there are some cases where a procedure such as rhinoplasty or even breast surgery are warranted. In cases of breast asymmetry, for example, a patient’s comfort might be drastically improved with surgery. Of course, plastic surgeons do their best to take into account the natural development of the body—so it’s not for every young person (and, generally, plastic surgeons will avoid breast augmentation on younger patients).

Additionally, some patients will combat some vicious bullying. It’s not uncommon, after all, for kids to be bullied because they look different—especially if it’s something like the nose. The only way to change the nose, for most patients, is through plastic surgery. Well, sort of. There are actually ways to change the nose (and other parts of the face) without resorting to permanent and painful surgical plastic surgery. The solution is actually found in cosmetic surgery.

The Best Temporary Results with Cosmetic Surgery

There are, after all, non surgical procedures that are, generally temporary in nature. For example, if a patient is uncomfortable with his or her nose, that patient can elect to have something called a non surgical nose job. Developed in Los Angeles, non surgical nose job procedures are remarkable in that they use dermal fillers (the kind that traditionally are used to mitigate wrinkles) to fill and shape new volume in the nose. In other words, it gives the nose a brand new shape by adding to it. Now, it’s not for everyone—some patients want volume removed and, unfortunately, surgery is still the best bet for that.

However, for patients that want volume added to the nose, non surgical rhinoplasty is a fantastic option. Not only does it get results without the need for surgery, but those results are immediate. There is no recovery involved. You go in, get your injection, and you’re done with it. What’s even better is that the results are temporary. Unless you specifically choose a permanent filler, such as Bellafill, the duration of your results will last for anywhere between six and eighteen months (depending on the filler you choose). This means that if you don’t like the results, you don’t have to keep them. And if you do like the results, you can get regular injections to keep up the appearance.

Results You Like but Don’t Have to Stick With

To be sure, cosmetic surgery may not be the ideal option for many younger patients. In fact, the first courses of action should be emotional and social. Physical changes, in my opinion, should be something of a last resort. However, that last resort is unfortunately necessary for some patients, and in those cases, it seems wise to pursue a course of action that is not permanent and that carries with it the fewest risks. Non surgical procedures fit that bill. And while we focused on non-surgical rhinoplasty, there are certainly more non-surgical options for other procedures as well.

So if you’re thinking about making a change and you’re a younger patient, consider a non-permanent, non-surgical alternative. Your thirty-year-old self might thank you for it.

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