Summary: Have you ever wondered about the types of breast enhancement available? Because, frankly, there are no shortage of breast procedures. They’re one of the most popular options available to patients (breast augmentation, for example, was the most popular plastic surgery procedure in 2018). So maybe the right question to be asking is not so much what types of breast enhancement are there, but what type of breast enhancement is going to be the best for you?

What Types of Breast Enhancements Are There?

We often get asked: what types of breast enhancement are there? It’s a common question, and what people are really asking is this: what type of breast enhancement is going to work the best for me? It’s not always easy to tell right off the bat which breast surgery you might actually be after.

Sure, in some cases, the options are pretty stark. You know whether you need a breast augmentation or a breast reduction. But you might not know whether you need an augmentation, a lift, or some combination of the two. Most patients know what they want their results to look like, even if they aren’t always sure how to get there.

There’s no shortage of breast enhancement procedures, after all. So we’ll spend a little bit of time talking about each one of them. In order to really find out which one is the best for you, you’ll have to talk to a plastic surgeon during a consultation. A surgeon will be able to examine your body and determine how best to achieve your desired transformation. What types of breast enhancement are there? Let’s start with the big three for now.

The Three Primary Types of Breast Enhancement

So, there are basically three kinds of aesthetic breast surgery. There are, of course, innumerable techniques and styles for each surgery type. But for now we’re just going to focus on the big picture.

Breast Reduction

One way to “enhance” the breasts is through reduction. As you age, the size of the breasts might become enlarged. This happens for all kinds of reasons (usually a combination of gravity, aging, and excess skin). No matter how it happens, overly large breasts can have consequences on the body, bringing about chronic neck and back pain. The weight of the breasts puts a strain on the body. A breast reduction, therefore, is designed to bring the size of the breasts back into alignment with the body.

Breast Augmentation

Perhaps the exact opposite of a breast reduction, a breast augmentation procedure uses implants of various types (silicone is the most popular) in order to increase the volume of the breasts. Many patients seek out this procedure because they want to bring their proportions into alignment or they want to address some breast asymmetry. Some women simply want larger breasts. Breast augmentation is the only breast enhancement procedure that is designed to do that. It’s also far and away the most popular breast enhancement procedure.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is interesting because it’s often performed in conjunction with breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures. It’s also quite often performed on its own, as well. Breast lift surgery is intended to correct a shift in orientation of the breasts. As you age, your breasts begin to sag. Many see this as unflattering and un-youthful. Breast lift surgery can correct this sag and change in orientation, lifting the breasts and making them appear perkier (and, thus, more youthful). This procedure complements both breast reduction and augmentation because it’s not uncommon to find this sign of aging in any number of patients.

Descriptive Names

You might have noticed that the big three breast enhancement procedures basically do what they say they’re going to do. And what they say they’re going to do is right in the name. The big three also fulfill the vast majority of patient needs. But they don’t fulfill every need. Indeed, there are a few more procedures that are worth noting. Just because they aren’t as popular as an augmentation, a reduction, or a lift does not mean they aren’t important to the patients who might need them.

Those procedures include:

  • Breast reconstruction: After the breasts have undergone a trauma (for example, from a mastectomy procedure), a breast reconstruction is often used to make the breasts look and feel as “normal” as possible again. This can help patients feel as though they are able to move on with their normal lives again.
  • Breast implant revision: In some cases, patients want to change their breast implant after an augmentation. Breast revision surgery is used to do that–sometimes patients want a larger implant. Sometimes they want a smaller implant. In other cases, they’re correcting some issue with the implants.
  • Breast Explant Surgery: Sometimes the enhancement patients want is to remove the previous enhancement. Breast explant surgery is designed, simply, to remove a breast implant and return the breasts to their original appearance.

Each one of these procedures is important and could fill out an entire article on their own. Don’t be afraid to do some more research on them! What types of breast enhancement are there? As you can see, it’s almost like the sky’s the limit. So find the breast enhancement that really is the best for you.

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