Summary: Vampire Facelift® is a hot new thing, even though it sounds like something out of a B-horror movie. Using your own blood to fight the signs of aging, this new procedure is far less invasive than traditional facelift options.

What’s in a Name?

One of the hottest new trends in cosmetic enhancements is something known as the Vampire Facelift®. No, Anne Rice has not become a certified plastic surgeon (that we know of). Rather, the procedure gets its name because your own blood is a key component in the rejuvenation process. Because anything involving human blood tends to raise the ol’ eyebrows, it’s worth comparing the Vampire Facelift® to other facelift procedures.

A traditional facelift is a surgical procedure designed to stretch the skin and make patients appear younger by eliminating wrinkles, crow’s feet, and even unwanted jowls. More intensive facelifts can eliminate fat or reposition cheek lines. The results are generally agreeable, but any surgical procedure comes with inherent risks and prolonged recovery.

Growth Factors and Your Skin

Vampire Facelifts have become so popular because they use the body’s natural elements to rejuvenate the skin rather than relying on a precise scalpel. First, a Hyaluronic Acid—which is generally already found in the body—is administered to the face to help fill in lines, creases, and wrinkles naturally. After the filler is applied, approximately 2 teaspoons of blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge, which separates a platelet rich fibrin matrix (a substance with growth factors normally used to heal injured tissues) from the blood.

Those growth factors are then injected back into the face using a very small needle and numbing cream. The platelets rejuvenate the area painlessly, activating multipotent stem cells and tricking the face into growing healthy new skin, developing new collagen, and creating new blood vessels.

A Natural Solution

An expert at this new procedure, Dr. Mark Berkowitz is a cosmetic surgeon serving the Detroit area. In fact, he’s the first Michigan facelift surgeon to adopt the procedure. Berkowitz calls the Vampire Facelift® “the most all inclusive facelift on the market today.” According to Berkowitz, the rejuvenation improves over a 2-3 month time span and can last as long as 1-2 years. That his patients come from as far as Lansing is proof of the popularity of Vampire Facelift in Detroit.

In this way, the Vampire Facelift® offers a middle ground between short term treatments such as BoTox, and long term but invasive treatments such as traditional facelifts. Ultimately, the Vampire Facelift® offers a more natural, less invasive way of achieving a more youthful appearance.

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