Summary: Most women are, for better or worse, familiar with Spanx. They’re the elastic garments that can help fold and compress your body into the shape you want it to have. Lately, however, surgeons have introduced a kind of internal Spanx. Does that sound desirable? Do you want internal Spanx?

Would You Want Internal Spanx?

Plastic surgery, at its core, is about controlling the shape of the human body. That’s control we don’t always get to exert naturally—no matter how intense or effective our healthy lifestyles are. Plastic surgery is an end-run around that—exerting control in a way that goes beyond what is naturally possible. But it’s not like plastic surgery was the first way we did that.

If you think about something like a corset or something like Spanx fulfill the same purpose. Putting on Spanx is a way of controlling the shape (or at least, the appearance of the shape) of your body. It’s just not… a very comfortable way to do that.

So would you want to deal with internal Spanx? A new plastic surgery procedure is making us think about that. It’s a kind of “internal Spanx” that helps shape the backside (especially the butt). So would you want permanent, internal Spanx? Maybe we should talk about this a bit more.

The Benefits of Internal Spanx Over Butt Lift

The idea behind “internal Spanx” is pretty simple. Surgeons insert a kind of mesh (specifically, a polytetrafluoroethylene mesh) into the buttocks. The mesh is permanent, and it was originally developed for the abdomen and the treatment of hernias.

But, essentially, this mesh is inserted into the buttocks and then arranged to keep its shape, “lifting” the buttocks to make your rear end appear more rounded and a bit larger. The advantages of the mesh are in the way it compares to other procedures:

  • The mesh is easier to insert than a typical butt implant (usually made of silicone). This means that the procedure is less invasive and that patients will heal more quickly.
  • The procedure does not require liposuction as a typical Brazilian Butt Lift does. This means that, again, recovery can be a little bit quicker. But it also means that this procedure is viable for patients that don’t necessarily have a lot of excess fat.

These benefits are good news to many patients who are looking to see the results of a Butt Lift, but who haven’t necessarily been a good candidate for any of the traditional methods.

Will Internal Spanx Replace Brazilian Butt Lift?

Those who are eager to jump on the internal Spanx bandwagon see this as a great replacement for procedures such as Butt Implants or the Brazilian Butt Lift. But there are others who are unconvinced. There are a few hurdles for the “internal Spanx” so far.

The first is with the mesh itself. It turns out this mesh is somewhat prone to infection and bleeding. Now, it remains to be seen whether the rate of infection and bleeding is higher or lower than any other plastic surgery procedure. (After all, there are risks associated with any procedure.)

But there’s also the fact that the internal Spanx procedure isn’t an approved use of this mesh. In other words, it’s an “off label” use. Now, this isn’t entirely uncommon—there are many procedures that are used in an “off label” fashion. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unsafe; it just means that it hasn’t been approved yet.

That it still worth giving you a little bit of pause, however. It means that if you’re interested in an “internal Spanx” procedure, you should seek out the services of an expertly qualified plastic surgeon. In other words, you’ll likely want to seek out a very experienced board-certified plastic surgeon before deciding to pursue any kind of internal Spanx.

A History of Manipulating the Body

Using an internal mesh to change the size or shape of the body is not something that should innately make us uneasy. It’s not all that different from, say, any other means of getting a butt lift. But it’s important to make sure it’s safe and reliable for patients, just as surgeons have made sure with other procedures.

This type of “internal” structure is also relatively common, and surgeons are used to adding structure and support to the body, not only for medical reasons but for aesthetic reasons as well. During a tummy tuck, for example, the abdominal muscles are strengthened. During a breast lift, patients will sometimes opt for a kind of “internal bra” for added support.

So if you’re interested in “internal Spanx” (hey, they might be more comfortable than the external Spanx), this procedure might be the way to go. The best place to start is with a conversation or consultation with your local plastic surgeon.

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