Summary: More and more brides-to-be are opting to have liposuction before their big day because thanks to advancements in technology, laser assisted procedures now give results without noticeable bruising and scarring!

You’ll be a Beautiful Bride

And everyone knows it! However, like most women (especially brides-to-be), there are areas of your body that you probably wish could be improved on. Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day, but because of scarring and bruising, most brides haven’t been able to comfortably make the decision to have liposuction before their wedding. This isn’t a problem anymore, thanks to all the advancements made by companies like Cynosure that now make it possible to trim and sculpt areas of your body using lasers… in much faster, safer ways! One of the surgeons using Cynosure’s SmartLipo Triplex is Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Berkowtiz – Director of Accents Cosmetic Surgery.

Safe, Effective Procedures

Technology in the field of plastic surgery is progressing at rapid rates. There are several types of laser liposuction procedures that only require a localized anesthetic. Some of the benefits of liposuction for your wedding are:

  • Liposuction is permanent. You won’t have to worry about your fat coming back years after your wedding day. Your beautiful shape will last all throughout your marriage.
  • You could lose several sizes thanks to liposuction, giving you a wider variety of choices for your perfect dress. This also makes your body beach ready for your honeymoon! Blow your husband away with your amazing new shape!
  • Because of the lasers used during some modern liposuction procedures, you won’t experience any scarring or bruising that may be noticeable on your wedding day. Some procedures are even same day treatments, so the origins of your beautiful figure will be unknown to your wedding guests!

Liposuction for your Special Day

Your body will undoubtedly be exposed on your wedding day (and wedding night!) and every bride deserves to feel confident in front of her friends and family. There are areas of your body that can be sculpted with lasers to give you incredible results with a much lower risk. Some areas you may consider sculpting and shaping for your big day are:

  • Back (exposure of the back is trendy in wedding gowns today!)
  • Face (for perfect, everlasting photographs!)
  • Stomach (the perfect dress should have the perfect figure!)
  • Under the Breast Line (for a lifted, youthful look!)
  • Buttocks (for curves that will wow your entire guest list!)

The areas that can be improved upon by laser assisted liposuction today are endless! Small, discrete, and troublesome areas are no match for the powerful, yet non-invasive lasers.

What are you waiting for?

Because of the innovations in liposuction technology today, you could be full recovered and wedding day ready in just a few weeks. Your amazing results are ready and waiting for you! If you want to sculpt your curves and reduce the inches in your troubled areas before you walk down the aisle, consider laser assisted liposuction for your big day. Watch your guests’ faces light up as they see a beautiful bride exude confidence on her big day!

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