Summary: Mini-face lifts are often referred to as “weekend facelifts” because of how fast the recovery time is. If you underwent your procedure on Friday, you could have beautiful results by Monday! What a deal!
Weekend Face Lift Facts
Mini facelift procedures, or “weekend facelifts” are a relatively new concept. With a shorter recovery time and less side effects, the mini facelift has become an extremely popular and highly sought out cosmetic surgery. This type of facelift focuses in on one specific area of the face, instead of a traditional overhaul. With smaller incisions and more precise cuts, big changes can be made to your look using much less invasive techniques. This benefits you because you can be assured that your procedure will be safer than ever before, and give you amazing results right in the nick of time.
New Technology Vs. Old Lifts
There’s a secret behind mini facelifts, and it’s that the smaller the incisions, the faster and easier the surgery will be to recover from. During a traditional facelift of the past, large incisions are made to completely overhaul your look and give you a lifted and tight appearance overall. With a weekend face lift, the procedure will focus on a specific area, like your neck, eyelids, or brow. These subtle changes will still give you an overall fresher appearance, but you will recovery so much easier.
Think About This
Incisions made during a “weekend face lift” approach are typically pretty tiny. As a result, your recovery will be faster and this procedure has gained a reputation of being one of the least invasive cosmetic facial surgeries. When deciding between traditional methods and a weekend facelift, however, you may want to consider the following:


  • Traditional lifts provide dramatic change. If your specific case is more severe, you may prefer the complete overall results of a traditional lift.
  • Infection and negative side effects are less common with mini lifts because of their smaller incisions.
  • Because of these smaller incisions, recovery is faster and easier for those who undergo a mini lift.
  • Mini face lifts focus on specific areas of the fast, whereas a traditional facelift will overhaul your entire apperance at once. If you are looking for dramatic results, you may still want to consider a traditional lift.

Your cosmetic surgeon will educate you with all the facts needed to make a decision about your facelift. Many women may choose to undergo a mini facelift as a preliminary surgery before deciding to do a more complete overhaul. This is a good way to get fast results while weighing the pros and cons of a longer term commitment. Your doctor should fill you in on all the specifics during your one on one consultation.
The Choice Is Yours This Weekend
Facelifts can lift your look, smooth your skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You understand the benefits of the procedure, now it’s time to decide which technique is right for you. Weekend facelifts are the hot new thing because of their reduced recovery times. You’re a busy woman on the go who doesn’t have a lot of time to lay around and recover. If your situation will benefit from a minilift, make the appointment with your cosmetic surgeon today. You could have amazing looking results by the weekend!

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