Summary: The most common breast lift motivations tend to focus on making the body appear more youthful. Age can cause the breasts to drop and droop. A breast lift is designed to make the orientation of the breasts appear more youthful. So it’s not a shock that many patients are seeking a way to feel a little younger.

What Are Some Common Breast Lift Motivations?

Breast Lift is one of the most common and successful breast enhancement procedures on the market today. To be sure, it’s not quite as popular as breast augmentation (yet). And it may never reach that same level of popularity. But breast lift serves an incredibly useful role to a very diverse array of women. The common motivations for breast lift, therefore, end up being quite varied.

In large part that’s because motivations for plastic surgery tend to be rather personal anyway. The common breast lift motivations are little different. So every patient, on an individual level, will be making decisions about the best way to proceed. But we can still make some assumptions about the broad motivations that make breast lift popular.

The Desire to Appear More Youthful

As you age, the breasts take the brunt of the force. Every day, gravity pulls on them just a little bit more. And every day, the elastin in your breast tissue breaks down just a bit. The end result is breasts that sag over time. This can make your profile appear less fit (and less young) than you’d like it to.

Breast lift is designed to reorient the breasts into a more youthful position. They’ll appear perkier and more buoyant, for lack of a better term. Your profile will then appear more youthful. And it’s the desire to capture this youth which makes breast lift so popular (at least in part).

So patients that feel as though their bodies are making them appear older than they feel may likely be motivated to undergo a breast lift. Once the procedure is complete, patients tend to feel much more youthful, at least in terms of their appearance. That can lead to an increase in confidence and self esteem.

Reversing the Impact of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a traumatic and punishing experience for your body. And nursing can only add on to that punishment. By the time the process is through, your breasts might feel like they aged ten years more than you did. For many women, this can be something of a disappointment. The rest of their body feels amazing–but the breasts feel old and worn out.

In many cases, then, the motivation for breast lift is pretty simple: reversing the impact of pregnancy. This isn’t the same, necessarily, as wanting to appear more youthful (though certainly the two motivations are related).

Instead, the desire to reverse the impact of pregnancy, we think, comes more from a desire to ensure you get to enjoy the prime years of your life. This is especially true once parents feel as though they are confidently done having children. You want to enjoy those later years (and you want to enjoy your body in the same way). A breast lift can help do that.

Combining Breast Lift With Other Procedures

Finally, often times patients want to undergo a breast lift procedure because it will help enhance another plastic surgery procedure they’re undergoing. Breast lift is often paired with breast augmentation or breast reduction, for example. In each case, a breast lift is used to help enhance the overall effects.

Ultimately, the goal of these procedures is to help patients feel more like their “real” or “true” selves. You want your body image to look like your self image. For many women, a breast lift can help do that.

It may not always be able to accomplish that goal on its own. Sometimes it needs help. But not always. Still, it’s important to understand that women undergo breast lift procedures for a wide variety of purposes. These motivations are painted in pretty broad and general terms. They might not apply to you–at least, maybe not directly. But that doesn’t make them (or your own experience) any less valid. Common breast lift motivations are just the beginning.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for about five years. He’s always in touch with cosmetic and plastic surgeons to ensure he has the latest and most up to date information possible.

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