what can weather do to your hands?

Summary: What Can Weather Do to Your Hands? Well, quite a bit, as it turns out. Weather is one of those things that is always present (nice weather is still weather, after all). And the weather is going to have an impact on your skin, no matter where you are. That impact will change, depending on the weather, your exposure to the weather, and the part of your body that happens to be exposed. What can weather do to your hands? Let’s find out.

What Can Weather Do to Your Hands?

We usually think about weather as a daily thing–maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s snowing, maybe it’s hot and humid. Weather, in this case, is something that affects our plans. We don’t usually think about how weather can affect us as individuals. But it can. Weather, in fact, can have quite the significant impact on your body.

So you might then be asking: what can weather do to your hands? That might seem like a silly question at first: if it’s cold, you put your hands in your pockets (or in mittens)–that’s how weather affects your hands.

But there are actually more significant, longer lasting impacts that weather can have on your hands. This doesn’t make your hands all that unique, of course. Weather is constantly affecting the entirety of your body in interesting and unique (and, usually, very subtle) ways. It’s just that your hands are almost always exposed–so the effects of weather can sometimes be a bit more pronounced than otherwise. So what can weather do to your hands? Let’s take a look at some examples.

The Sun and Your Hands

So, let’s take elements of the weather one by one and take a good look at how they might affect your hands overall. First, we’ll take a look at the sun. Generally speaking–especially if you’re from one of those northern states–you really like the sun. You don’t get to see it all that often, so when it comes out, that’s pretty nice.

But the sun can have some dramatic impacts on your hands:

  • Sun exposure can increase your risk for skin cancer, even if that exposure isn’t for very long periods of time.
  • The sun can also cause you to develop premature age spots on your hands.
  • In some cases, exposure to the sun can also cause your skin to discolor unevenly, especially in your hands (as they are often exposed).
  • In many cases, sun exposure can also cause the development of lines and wrinkles, which can prematurely age your hands.

To be sure, most of the effects will not happen suddenly. They build slowly, over time. So if you’re worried about how sun exposure can damage the skin around your hands, you’ve definitely got time to do something about it. The number one thing you can do to help keep that skin healthy is to apply sunscreen when you go outdoors.

The Wind and Your Hands

The second element of the weather that can really have an impact on your hands is the wind. I know, I know, the wind doesn’t really seem like it will affect anything, right? But the truth is that it does, little by little, over time. And it does this by, more or less, drying out your skin.

Moisture is incredibly valuable in keeping your hands looking and feeling youthful. When the skin dries out, your hands can become susceptible to a wide variety of cracks, lines, and wrinkles–all of which can age your hands prematurely.

So how do you protect your hands from wind damage? Well, there are a couple of ways, but you should keep in mind that what you’re really protecting your hands from is dehydration. So, obviously, hydrating is going to be your best bet to keep hand wrinkles, lines, and cracks away. You should check with your doctor about just how much hydration you should seek out over the course of a day, but there’s no doubt that staying hydrated can be good for your skin.

The Cold and Your Hands

Cold weather can be a bummer. And if you live a little bit closer to the equator, it’s not going to be that big of a deal for you. But cold weather can certainly dampen your spirits when it comes to your hands. This can happen in several ways. First, cold weather can cause any arthritis or nerve issues you have to act up.

Second, cold can also dry out your hands (and we know where that leads). What’s more, extreme cold can cause significant damage to your hands (frostbite can actually cause you to lose fingers, or worse).

Take Care of Your Hands in All Weather

Generally speaking, then, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of your hands no matter the weather. Stay hydrated, wear sun screen, and don’t smoke cigarettes. If you need more than that, you can always talk to a highly qualified hand surgeon or plastic surgeon to see what your options are. What can weather do to your hands? An awful lot, it turns out.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery for over four years. This article was written in conjunction with the staff at Clear Lake Hand Center, located near Houston, TX.

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