Summary: Botox has always been something of a media darling. It’s certainly no stranger to the news and it’s amongst the most recognizable brand name cosmetic products. So it was not terribly surprising when Today Show host Savannah Guthrie announced on the morning show that she had tried Botox. Of course, Botox is only one among many injectable options—and those options keep growing. So even if Guthrie did not have the greatest experience with Botox, she has several other options to try, and chances are at least one of them will leave her with the more youthful look she’s after.

It’s always nice when celebrities come out and admit the plastic or cosmetic surgery they’ve had performed. For one thing, it stops those infinite rumor mills from endlessly guessing what, for example, Renee Zellweger had performed. But it’s also a nice admission: no one stays young forever, not even celebrities. (Those “stars without their makeup” features do the same thing, but in an arguably crueler way.) So when Today Show host Savannah Guthrie admitted to having the procedure performed, we couldn’t help but be happy about it.

To be fair, Guthrie’s Botox review wasn’t exactly glowing. At the time, she didn’t think it provided much in the way of oomph, so it’s possible she had some inflated expectations (this isn’t uncommon with first time cosmetic procedure patients). But she also said that she wouldn’t be opposed to trying the procedure again, as it effectively targets those wrinkles which Guthrie most desires to disappear: forehead wrinkles. This is because forehead wrinkles are generally caused by muscle contractions—in other words, your muscles get into a kind of permanent “tensed” state.

According to the website of the Minneapolis Botox experts at Carillon Clinic, Botox, essentially, paralyzes these muscles so that they can no longer be tense. It’s not that they go numb, and you don’t lose feeling. And, if Botox is applied properly by a highly-qualified individual, your face shouldn’t look numb either. (Indeed, avoiding that “face-mask” appearance is one excellent reason not to skimp on price and go to a highly trained provider, and not a bargain medispa.)

Guthrie’s experience with Botox also highlights another strength of the procedure: you can try it, and if you don’t like it or you aren’t thrilled with the results, you can either discontinue or you can try something else. It could be, after all, that your wrinkles are caused by lax and sagging skin rather than tensed muscles. If this is the case, Botox won’t really do much for you, and you’ll need to use a dermal filler instead.

A dermal filler is a different class of wrinkle treatment, complete separate from Botox (indeed, about all they have in common is that they are administered via injection). Dermal fillers are designed, essentially, to replace lost volume (hence, brand names such a Voluma). There are a wide variety of such dermal fillers, and what separates them is basically their composition. Some fillers are designed to stay in your system for a long period of time (Artefill, for example) while others are designed to look natural and be quickly absorbed by your body (Restylane, for example).

Choosing a dermal filler for your face will depend on which wrinkles you’d like to diminish. It will also depend on the current color and volume of your skin. And while these dermal fillers can certainly be used to eliminate big and troubling wrinkles, we’ve also found that they’re quite effective when it comes to combatting smaller, subtler wrinkles. For this reason, dermal fillers work incredibly well as a kind of shield against aging. Rather than turning back the clock in terms of appearance (the way a surgical facelift might), these procedures can maintain a more youthful look.

Which means that even though Savannah Guthrie had a less than ideal experience with Botox, there might be an injectable out there that is just right for treating her wrinkles. And the beauty of these treatments it that they’re all temporary. If one doesn’t work, you just have to wait a few months (at the most a year, depending on the injectable) to find out that does. Of course, if you love the results, you’ll have to keep going back to preserve your youthful new look, but that’s just the price way we pay. The fortunate part is that most of these procedures can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes, so it requires only a minimal commitment to complete. And, in most cases, you can be right back to work with no down time after your injection.

So what we’re really saying is that Savannah Guthrie has only reached the tip of the ice berg when it comes to these procedures. If her wrinkles are really something that bothers her, there’s nothing stopping her from diving right in. And that’s when the fun really starts—and you can enjoy looking at more youthful reflection in the mirror.

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