Summary: What does plastic surgery for men look like? Well, it looks a lot like… any other plastic surgery. At least in terms of its basic goals. Still, there are some procedures that tend to be more popular with men or with those who want to emphasize their masculine features. Plastic surgery for men tends to emphasize the jawline, the chest, and the abdomen.

What Does Plastic Surgery for Men Look Like?

You’ve probably read an article or two lately about the booming market for plastic surgery for men. But… what does plastic surgery for men look like, really? And what makes plastic surgery for men any different than plastic surgery for women? Those are good questions–and they aren’t always answered by the media, in large part because, well, there’s some nuance involved.

In part that’s because, in many ways, plastic surgery for men is not different at all than plastic surgery for women. Sure, there are some procedures that might be more popular with one group than the other–but the core mission is the same: help patients feel great in their own bodies.

That doesn’t change whether a man or a woman is looking for a procedure. But there are certainly differences in which procedures are popular with men and women. And so, plastic surgery for men does tend to look a little bit different than plastic surgery for women. What, exactly, does that mean? Well, we can take a look at some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men and what those results look like.

Angles and Hard Lines

Many men who are interested in plastic surgery want to enhance certain masculine qualities (though, by no means is this universal–all patients bring their own individual wants and desires to the table). For those seeking to increase the appearance of their masculinity, there are plenty of procedures available. Some of the most common of these procedures focus on:

  • The jawline: One of the most common “plastic surgery for men” procedures is some kind of jawline enhancement. That enhancement can take many forms, from implants to injections to liposuction. But patients are looking for a more angular jawline.
  • Abdomen: Tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for a reason. And it’s especially popular among men. The only difference is that a “tummy tuck for men” might emphasize angles and hard lines around the abdomen. The same is true of liposuction procedures (also quite popular among men).
  • The chest: A certain chest shape has become closely associated with masculinity, and so many men wish to achieve that particular shape. There are several ways to do this, but most often it’s some form of liposuction. Indeed, gynecomastia surgery (to remove so-called “male breast tissue”) can be quite popular among male patients.

While these may be the most popular areas addressed by plastic surgery for men, they are certainly not the only such areas.

Is Plastic Surgery for Men Unique?

There are certainly areas of the body that tend to be viewed as more “masculine.” Just as there are certain areas of the body that tend to be viewed as more “feminine.” (And these are, largely, social constructions.)

So, plastic surgery for men is unique and different in some ways but not in others. Let’s put it like this: the end goal of plastic surgery is the same no matter who is undergoing a procedure. The goal is to ensure you are happy with how you look. Plastic surgery enables you to do this in ways that natural changes to the body simply can’t.

For example, liposuction is designed to target areas of fat that stubbornly hang on, no matter how much diet and exercise time you put in. Likewise, a tummy tuck can eliminate excess skin when your body has no other way of coping with that.

Why Are We Hearing About Plastic Surgery for Men Now?

In large part, plastic surgery for men has always been a thing. But over the past few years, there’s been a bigger emphasis placed on these procedures. Some of that is likely due to a diminishing stigma surrounding plastic surgery. For a wide variety of reasons, plastic surgery is not frowned upon nearly as much as it used to be.

But that’s not the only reason. Plastic surgery for men has become more popular in the public consciousness as well. It’s one of those stories that tends to pop up in the news cycle every once in a while.

In a way that’s interesting because it makes plastic surgery for men something that’s even more “outside the norm.” After all, it’s newsworthy so it can’t just be… normal. In a way that’s too bad because, again, the goal of these plastic surgery procedures is not all that uncommon. At the end of the day, when you undergo plastic surgery, you should feel good and confident. And that’s true whether you happen to be a man or a woman.

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