Summary: What plastic surgery procedures will trend the most in 2020? As always, predicting the future is not our area of expertise. Thinking about what will be popular next week is hard enough, to say nothing of next year. But we’re willing to take a few shots at what might be trending in 2020–knowing full well that we might be wrong. But, hey, we might be right, too.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Will Start Trending in 2020?

Plastic surgery is always moving forward, but what plastic surgery procedures will trend in 2020? That’s hard to tell for sure, but that won’t stop us from making a few (educated) predictions. It’s important to keep in mind that, as fast as these innovations might seem to move, they are almost always undergoing thorough and rigorous testing before being made available for wide use.

And, in some cases, trends in plastic surgery procedures have less to do with medical innovations and more to do with shifting public and popular demands. A shift of the social sphere can have a much bigger impact on plastic surgery trends than the most innovative new procedure (though, when both of those criteria match up, it’s often quite a potent new development).

Trend #1: Breast Implant Removal

One of the hottest trends in 2020, we think, will have to do with breast implants. We’re expecting the removal of implants–called breast explant surgery–to become significantly more popular. Now, breast augmentation (the process by which those implants are inserted in the first place) is still incredibly popular, and for good reason. But breast explant surgery is also making some waves.

In large part, that’s because as some women age, they feel as though they want to project a different look. So the implants come out. This procedure is usually performed for aesthetic reasons, though it can occasionally be for health-related reasons, too. As more women decide to embrace this natural form of beauty, it’s likely that breast explant will remain popular in 2020 and the years to come.

Trend #2: Non Surgical Alternatives

People want to have their cake and eat it too (that’s a saying that never made much sense to me, but that’s a different article). So it’s not shocking that non surgical procedures are incredibly popular. The ability to achieve results without having to undergo a possibly painful plastic surgery recovery makes each procedure much more tempting.

In 2020, we’re expecting to see even more non surgical procedures rise in popularity. Even now, the non surgical nose job, Coolsculpting, Kybella, and Botox are all exceptionally popular alternative treatments. Coolsculpting and Kybella can help you eliminate unwanted fat without liposuction. And Botox can get rid of lines and wrinkles without facelift surgery.

Sometimes the results of these cosmetic procedures are temporary. In other cases, the results are permanent. Whether a cosmetic approach or a surgical approach is right for you will depend on your situation and your desired results.

Trend #3: Body Contouring

More and more plastic surgery patients are turning to body contouring instead of facial procedures, and we expect that trend to continue strong into 2020. Why? Well, part of the blame can be placed on social media. With so many available filters, it’s easy to make your face look great.

So what’s happening is that many people are deciding to use social media filters to make their faces look great and spending their plastic surgery money on body contouring instead. In some cases, it’s not the social media filter that provides the alternative, it’s the ever-expanding list of powerful injectable treatment options, such as Botox and Juvederm.

It makes sense, especially given that most people have a limited budget for plastic surgery procedures. Ultimately, that’s kind of what plastic surgery is all about: ignoring the trends and doing what will be best for you as an individual. And, when enough people do that, a new trend is formed.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in touch with surgeons to ensure he gets the latest and most accurate information possible.

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