Summary: Are you wondering: what should I look for in breast augmentation before and after photos? If you’re looking at those photos, it’s a good bet that you’re considering a breast augmentation procedure of some kind. Before and after photos can provide you with incredibly valuable information, especially if you know what to look for.

What Should I Look For in Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures?

There are plenty of before and after photos on the internet these days. In this regard, we’re talking specifically about plastic surgery before and after photos. When it comes to breast augmentation the “before” photo usually features rather modestly sizes or asymmetrical breasts. The “after” photo features larger, fuller, rounder breasts.

And they all kind of look the same, don’t they? What are you supposed to be looking for when it comes to plastic surgery before and after photos? And how can you tell the good breast augmentation results from the less good results?

It can take something of a trained eye to know what to look for in before and after photos. That’s not to say that anyone’s trying to be misleading. It’s just that many surgeons’ works are comparable except in the smallest of details. So today we’re talking about some of the things you might consider looking at when you’re evaluating breast augmentation before and after photos. We should note that this article is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice. Our intent is only to write something for entertainment purposes!

The Aesthetics of the Before and After Photos

If you’re thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, it’s probably worth keeping a few things in mind. First and foremost, your results are going to be very personalized to you and your body. And that’s a good thing! Every patient has very unique needs and desires, so it makes sense that just about every breast augmentation procedure is, essentially, customized.

So, to a certain extent, you likely aren’t going to find your desired final results exactly replicated in a set of before and after photos. But you may still want to evaluate the aesthetics of the results you see.

After all, breast augmentation is often a largely aesthetic procedure. Patients are often motivated by a desire to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing shape, although this isn’t universally true. The nice thing about looking at before and after photos for aesthetics, however, is that the process is largely instinctive. You either like the aesthetics or you don’t. So you can let your gut guide you, more or less. This isn’t a definitive process, of course, but it can be a start.

Symmetry and “Natural” Looks

One of the other things to keep an eye on when you’re looking at these breast augmentation before and after photos is the symmetry of the patient’s appearance. You can look at symmetry in two ways. First, many patients will seek out a breast augmentation procedure in order to correct asymmetry of the breasts.

So you can certainly evaluate the degree of asymmetry in the “before” photos and in the “after” photos. Second, you can take a hard look to ensure that there is no asymmetry created by the breast implants either.

And with all that, it’s important to evaluate how natural the “after” photos look, especially if you yourself desire such a natural-looking finished result. It might be difficult to fairly evaluate this criteria, as a lot of the “natural” look will be determined by the size and shape of the implant. But if natural looking results are important to you, it’s a good idea to scrutinize before and after photos to see how natural they do indeed look.

How Much Time Post-Op?

As you look at before and after photos, it’s important to remember that healing takes time. In other words, most of those “after” photos are taken several months after the procedure has been performed. Many surgeons will provide this information, stating explicitly in the description how many months post-op an image has been taken.

Most “after” images are taken between six and twelve months after the procedure has been performed, giving the body plenty of time to heal and recover. Be sure to ask your surgeon how long it will take you to see your desired results, because we often (as novices) simply assume that “after” translates into a couple of days or weeks. And that’s not all that accurate.

Before and After Photos Are Just the Beginning

When you’re trying to choose a plastic surgeon, before and after photos are a vital and necessary tool. But they aren’t the only tool at your disposal. Nor will they likely be the only criteria by which you make your decision on a surgeon.

But knowing what you should look for in breast augmentation before and after photos can help you determine whether to look into a surgeon further (and you should always do more research on surgeons) and help you figure out your next steps.

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Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in communication with surgeons about what’s happening in the industry. This article was written in conjunction with the team from Ogilvie Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL.

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