Summary: What so bad about a weird nose or a nose that looks different from someone else’s? Well, it depends on your point of view. Sometimes the uniqueness of a nose can add to one’s identity and boost one’s confidence. But in other cases, one’s off-kilter nose can hold one back. If your smile doesn’t convey the emotions you want because your nose is in the way, that can be a problem. So, in a way, that’s what might be so bad about a weird nose, depending on the person.

Just What is So Bad About a Weird Nose?

Most patients do not undergo rhinoplasty because they’re happy with how their nose looks. Usually rhinoplasty patients are endeavoring to change one thing here or another thing there. And, most often, they’re trying to change something that looks abnormal: a bump, a dip, a crooked bridge. But, really, what’s so bad about a weird nose?

Admittedly, we’re using the term “weird” rather loosely. Weird implies abnormal in some way, and usually has a negative connotation. We’re going for a more positive vibe, so maybe we should say something like “unique.”

The point is this: what’s so bad about having a few unique features on your nose? We’ve listened to what rhinoplasty patients have to say about their motivations for undergoing surgery, and I think that might be the best place to start looking for an answer. Because to you and me, a dip in the nose might not be a bit deal. But, clearly, someone disliked his or her drooping tip enough to undergo surgery (or a cosmetic procedure, such as the non surgical nose job). Let’s talk about what, exactly, about that drooping tip might be bothersome.

Your Nose and the Rest of Your Face

Believe it or not, your nose has the ability to impact the rest of your face. This makes sense when you think about it: the nose is right in the middle of everything. And the face is incredibly reliant on ratios and proportions. That is, your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth–they all typically exist within a certain relationship to each other.

And so when your nose is out of whack, or when it’s off kilter, there very well could be an effect on the rest of your face. For example, the simple act of smiling can convey a lot of meaning. It could mean that you’re happy or enjoying yourself (or it could mean that you’re faking both of those emotions). The actual meaning will vary considerably depending on how you’re smiling, of course.

That’s why something like a drooping tip can be problematic. Under certain circumstances, a drooping tip can make your smile look menacing, no matter what emotion you’re actually trying to convey. This can be especially frustrating, and it’s something that is quite difficult to address without plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Drawing Attention to Your Nose

The drooping tip is an example of how the nose can alter the expression of your face in an unexpected way. But that’s not all a “weird” nose is capable of. Indeed, sometimes the nose itself can become the sources of anxiety. That’s because, again due to its central location, the nose can sometimes draw a little too much attention to itself.

And we’re not really used to the nose drawing attention to itself, are we? That is, we’re used to the nose blending in with the rest of the face. It’s not traditionally used to identify someone the way one’s smile or eyes are.

So when the nose sticks out, it really sticks out. It can become the center of attention and actually draw notice away from those parts of the face you really like. And this can be something of a bummer. That’s why many rhinoplasty procedures are designed specifically to help your nose blend in. The point of the procedure in that case is almost to make your nose disappear (not literally, of course… that might make it hard to breathe).

Finding a Way to be Happy With Your Nose

Every nose is unique, even if some of them look pretty similar. It’s just that some noses are a little more unique than others. Some might consider that a good thing–anything that makes you unique is difficult to argue with!

But others just want the nose to blend in. They’re tired of the nose stealing all the attention! And that’s understandable. So too is the decision to undergo a surgical or non surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It’s a way of letting the rest of the face shine.

It’s also a way of finally being happy with one’s nose. That can be no small task if you’re bothered by something that’s a built in feature (that is, something you can’t change via diet or exercise). What’s so bad about a weird nose? Well, nothing–unless you’re bothered by it. But in that case, you can always seek out surgical treatment.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz is a content writer who has been actively involved in the plastic surgery community for nearly four years. He’s been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures for all of that time.

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