Summary: Geneveve™ vaginal treatments are quickly becoming some of the most popular cosmetic procedures among women of all ages, particularly because they do not involve an invasive surgical procedure, yet can produce very dramatic results.

If you’ve been considering getting Geneveve™ for any number of reasons, but aren’t quite sure whether or not it may be the right option for you, take an in-depth look at what this treatment is, how it works and some of the most common reasons why women are choosing nonsurgical vaginal tightening.

How Geneveve™ Works

Geneveve™ vaginal treatment utilizes a special device that emits cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) waves to gently heat vaginal tissue and muscle deep beneath the surface, leaving you cool and comfortable throughout the procedure.

The heat from CMRF waves help to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, which has a firming and tightening effect that can be very long lasting.

Another great benefit of Geneveve™ vaginal tightening treatments is that the entire process typically takes only about 30 minutes to complete, and most women only require one treatment session to get the results they’re looking for. However, yearly touch-up treatments may help you to maintain the same great results as your body continues to change over time.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Geneveve™ could be the right nonsurgical treatment for you, consider some of these common reasons why many women are choosing this procedure.

1. Improve Vaginal Laxity

Geneveve™ has recently become available in the U.S. as a revolutionary nonsurgical option to help improve vaginal laxity for women who feel that childbirth, menopause or even the natural aging process have significantly changed their bodies.

Although there are surgical procedures such as labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction that can help to reshape and rejuvenate your most intimate areas for a variety of different reasons, lots of women are looking for a nonsurgical alternative.

Needing only one 30-minute treatment session with Geneveve™ and being able to get right back to work and your other normal activities can be a huge perk, especially if you have little ones at home or find it difficult to take extra time off of work. Despite these challenges, though, it’s still important that you take the time to help make yourself more comfortable and satisfied with life. Because of this, Geneveve™ can be a great solution for many women.

2. Increase Sexual Satisfaction

If you find that the quality of your sex life has diminished due to vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness or other discomfort associated with stretched vaginal tissue after childbirth, weight loss or other factors, you could be an excellent candidate for Geneveve™.

Remember that having a satisfying sexual relationship is a two-way street, so if you’re not completely satisfied or are uncomfortable, you owe it to yourself to make a change to help you reclaim your femininity and get back to more fully enjoying your intimate relationships again.

One great benefit of opting for Geneveve™ nonsurgical vaginal tightening is that since the procedure is relatively quick and easy and is not an invasive surgery, it’s reasonable to consider even if you’re not quite sure you’re finished having kids yet. Following an additional pregnancy, you can simply schedule a second Geneveve™ treatment to help you get the same smooth, tight results back. That way, you don’t have feel like your sex life will continue to be sub-par until you’ve completed your family.

3. Feel Like Yourself Again

Even besides enjoying intimate relationships, when your body goes through a major change, you might start to feel like you’re just not quite yourself anymore. For some women, this feeling can begin to impact their quality of life in a negative way and may even be cause for depression and social withdrawal.

If you’re unhappy with the changes that your body has underwent due to having kids, the natural aging process or going through menopause, consider talking to a plastic surgeon about Geneveve™.

Investing a little time and effort into yourself can have such a profound impact on your outlook on life, relationships and overall self-esteem.

4. Complement Your Labiaplasty Procedure

Although getting a nonsurgical procedure is the ideal scenario for some women, others can benefit much more from opting for a more involved surgical procedure to help them get the dramatic results they want. However, this doesn’t mean that a nonsurgical treatment like Geneveve™ can’t be combined with a surgery like labiaplasty or a clitoral hood reduction.

Through labiaplasty, a skilled plastic surgeon is able to remove and tighten excess tissue that may be causing discomfort or low self-confidence due to overly large vaginal lips, or labia. This problem can also interfere with your sexual satisfaction and normal daily activities. Fortunately, labiaplasty can help to improve the look and feel of your inner or outer vaginal lips and improve both of these aspects of life.

In some cases, women are concerned about overly large labia and vaginal laxity. This is when using nonsurgical Geneveve™ as a complement to your plastic surgery can greatly enhance and complete your results.

Choosing a Geneveve™ Provider

Now that you know and understand a little bit more about what Geneveve™ is and how it might be able to help you start feeling like yourself again, the next step is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon’s office that has ample experience performing these types of procedures.

When choosing the right plastic surgery practice for your Geneveve™ treatment, look for board-certification, medical training and certifications and excellent client reviews. You might also consider choosing a practice that focuses on procedures for women to help ensure that you get the best possible results and that you feel comfortable at every step along the way of your journey to regaining your sense of self.


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