what's going to the medspa like?

Summary: What’s going to the medspa like? That’s a good question! If you’ve never been to a medical spa before, it can certainly be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be–the more you know going in, the more comfortable you can be about the whole thing. After all, a medical spa experience is designed to make you happy and to help you feel great. In the end, that’s what your experience may be like.

What’s Going to the MedSpa Like?

Going to your local medspa is not exactly like going to your local doctor’s office. A lot of people–especially first time patients–don’t really know what to expect when they first go to a medspa. So we decided to take some time to answer that question: what’s going to the MedSpa like?

The answer to this question is going to vary from medspa to medspa and location to location. It’ll also depend on what you’re going to a medical spa for. But we’ll get into how that might vary later in this article.

How Your Trip to the MedSpa Will Start

The term “medspa” is, simply, short for “medical spa.” Which means that the clinic you visit is going to be part medical practice and part luxury spa. So, you’ll have to do all the things you would at a medical clinic, but you get to do them in a much more comfortable environment. Most medical spas don’t take walk-ins, so you’ll have to make an appointment (especially if you’re a first time patient).

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be greeted at the front desk and seated in the waiting area. At this point, you’ll probably be asked to fill out some paperwork. That paperwork will include:

  • A complete medical history. It’s vital that your medspa staff knows what medication you’re taking, what conditions you might have, and so on. It’s important to provide as complete information as possible.
  • Details on your desired results. It’s also important that the staff at any medical spa have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish or, at the very least, what procedures you’re most interested in undergoing.
  • Any history of cosmetic procedures. Maybe this is your first trip to a medical spa but not your first cosmetic procedure. That information is important to communicate.

While you’re filling out these forms, you might be offered refreshments of some kind. And, likely, you’ll also be asked to fill out financial forms as well–cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by medical insurance, so it’s important to know that you’ll be able to cover the financial aspect.

Your Consultation

Once all your paperwork is filled out, you’ll be called back for a consultation–especially if this is your first visit to this particular medical spa. Consultations are important because it’s during these one-on-one meetings that you’ll be encouraged to talk about your desired outcomes. Your cosmetic surgeon or nurse aesthetician will be able to get a better sense of what you want and how you want to achieve those goals.

During your consultation, you’ll talk about what you want to accomplish from your cosmetic surgery procedure. It’s your chance to really put your voice into the whole process and articulate precisely what you want to accomplish.

Do You Get the Procedure the Same Day?

The consultation usually lasts somewhere around thirty minutes, but in theory it could take longer. Whether you will then head home for the day or start on your procedure will depend on several factors:

  • Your own desires. The consultation has given you a lot to think about, so it’s perfectly acceptable to take a little bit of time to consider your options. That said, some patients are still ready to go.
  • Your procedure. Some cosmetic surgery procedures can be accomplished with a few quick injections. Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella–these are all procedures that can often be performed on the same day as your consultation. But something like Coolsculpting will likely take more time and will probably need a dedicated appointment.
  • Scheduling. In some cases, whether you can undergo the appointment same-day will depend on the scheduling practices (and realities) of the medical spa you’re working with.

You can ask about same-day consultations and treatments when you first make your appointment. Most medical spas are happy to answer such questions.

A Medical Spa Should be a Great Experience

Going to a medical spa should be a fun and rewarding experience. If there is any recovery information you need to know, you’ll be given that before you leave. It’s important to take your recovery information seriously and to follow all the instructions that your surgeon or aesthetician gives you.

Overall, the staff at a medical spa is going to do everything they can to ensure you have a wonderful, satisfying, even luxurious experience. What’s going to the medspa like? Well, it’s a lot like what we just described. But, your actual experience may vary slightly.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been involved in marketing plastic and cosmetic surgery for over twenty years. He’s always discussing new procedures and novel techniques with surgeons from around the world.

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