Summary: What’s the most popular breast enhancement procedure of 2019, you ask? In years past, that might have seemed like a funny question–without fail, breast augmentation is consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the planet–so it has easily been the number one breast enhancement procedure available. But there are some up-and-coming breast procedures that could (maybe?) give breast augmentation a run for its money.

What’s the Most Popular Breast Enhancement Procedure of 2019?

When we’re trying to assess the most popular plastic surgery procedures, we almost always consult with the statistics gathered and published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These statistics come from the surgeons themselves and are considered to be highly accurate. So, according to these data, which breast enhancement procedure is the most popular?

In 2018, the most popular breast enhancement procedure was breast augmentation. And there’s not really any reason to think that’ll change all that much throughout 2019.

So that’s it, right? We’re ready to crown a champion? Well, sort of. Breast augmentation has been, essentially, the single most popular breast enhancement procedure many years over, so that’s not surprising anyone. At least, when you measure in terms of absolute numbers. When you start talking about growth year over year, the question becomes a lot more interesting. So maybe that’s what we should ask as a way of getting to “popularity.” What’s the fastest growing breast enhancement procedure of 2019?

The Up and Coming Breast Enhancement Procedures

There are two breast enhancement procedures that are typically seen having a significant amount of growth year after year. These are what we call “the up and comers.” They may never become more popular than breast augmentation, but they do help more and more patients every single year. These up and comers are:

  • Breast lift: Breast lift is a still a hugely popular procedure, even in absolute numbers. It’s just not quite up to breast augmentation’s level. During a breast lift, a surgeon will alter the orientation of the breasts to make them appear more youthful. As the name implies, the breasts are “lifted” so they appear a little perkier (just as they would in your youth).
  • Breast explant surgery: Surprisingly, one of the fastest growing breast enhancement procedures is the breast explant surgery. This is a procedure in which a breast implant is removed from the patient’s breasts. Patients may elect to undergo breast explant for a wide variety of reasons, from a simple change in preference to the approach of an implants “shelf life” date. After a breast explant procedure, the breasts will typically return to their natural size. In most cases, there’s not a significant amount of excess skin, but further breast reduction procedures can be performed if the patient desires (or breast lift procedures, for that matter).

It’s not as though breast lift or breast explant surgery will ever really catch up to breast augmentation (especially because you can’t really undergo a breast explant procedure without first undergoing breast augmentation).

Why Are These Procedures Gaining in Popularity?

So the next question we have to ask ourselves is why: why are these breast enhancement procedures so quickly gaining in popularity. Well, there are a couple of reasons, but we suspect the most important is this: people want natural looking results.

Plastic surgery is more common than ever before, and one of the primary reasons for that is because there’s much less stigma surrounding these procedures. At the same time, surgeons have become much more adept at delivering results that look almost completely natural. It’s the old saying: they’ll notice how good you look, not that you’ve had work done.

Because patients are so much more interested in natural looking results, sometimes procedures such as a breast lift of breast explant surgery become slightly more appealing. A breast lift, for example, can make the breasts appear perkier and more youthful–and all of that will look entirely natural to the patient.

Breast Augmentation Isn’t Going Anywhere

That said, breast augmentation is also capable of producing natural-looking results. Which means that breast augmentation probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most patients these days opt for silicone breast implants, the latest models of which can look and feel incredibly natural.

This means most patients won’t have to worry about “artificial” looking breasts if they decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Instead, they’ll simply be able to bask in their results, feeling more confident along the way.

Of course, that only really applies to patients who want to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. (No one should ever feel compelled or pressured into undergoing such a procedure). There’s almost no doubt that breast augmentation will be the most popular breast enhancement procedure of 2019. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other popular procedures.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you should not find the procedure that’s right for you–no matter how popular or unpopular it may be.

About the Author: Nick Engebreston has been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery in one form or another for over twenty years. He’s always talking to surgeons about the next big up and coming procedure.

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