Summary: According to Life & Style Weekly, there are plenty of rumors that actress Kristin Chenoweth has undergone a subtle nose job transformation. That may be true. If it is, she’s doing it right. Rhinoplasty is one of those procedures that can be incredibly effective even when its results are quite subtle. Small changes in the face can lead to big changes in perception. So if you’re thinking about a nose job, be sure to talk to your plastic surgeon not only about how effective subtle results might be but also about how your rhinoplasty procedure will influence the rest of your face.

Getting a Low Key Rhinoplasty

It can be difficult to determine when someone has had a nose job. That’s mostly by design. Rhinoplasty can be a very demanding and exacting surgery to perform, if only because there are so many variables. The face tends to take a rather delicate balancing act to get right—the nose has to work with the eyes has to work with the lips has to work with the rest of the head. Think about the way that a haircut can change the way that someone looks almost completely. The same power certainly resides in the nose, and that’s why many rhinoplasty surgeries produce only subtle changes.

This surprises many who haven’t themselves considered rhinoplasty surgery. But if you ask most nose job patients, they tend to be pretty modest in their expectations. That is, most rhinoplasty patients do not want massive changes. Instead, they’re looking to ensure that the nose will no longer be the center of attention when it comes to the face. Let’s put it this way: many rhinoplasty patients feel as though the nose has become the center of their faces, the thing that everyone looks at. Most patients who seek out a rhinoplasty feel as though the nose is getting way too much attention.

Big Changes Mean Big Results

Those patients generally want to avoid making big changes and, therefore, drawing even more attention to the nose. It’s kind of like when you have really bad acne: you become self conscious, convinced people are staring at it, and you just want it to go away. Therefore, the end results are typically quite subtle, with many patients simply noticing their faces for the first time, as though finally a veil had been lifted. So, perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s a ton of speculation out there that actress and celebrity Kristin Chenoweth has herself recently had a nose job done.

I emphasize speculation because nose jobs—particularly those that are done right—can be difficult to spot. So when it comes to Chenoweth’s nose, there are all kinds of side-by-side pictures that purport to show subtle changes in the structure of the nose. Now, this could be true. But it could also be make-up. Chenoweth has been pretty open about her use of Botox to help mitigate migraines. This helps keep her forehead looking wrinkle-free and quite youthful. It seems odd that she would be open about Botox but would not confirm the nose job that she may have gotten. Then again, it’s Hollywood, and the popularity of plastic surgery in Hollywood is that city’s worst kept secret.

Subtle Changes Take Attention Off Your Nose

However, we can definitely learn something from this: whether you’re like Chenoweth and getting your nose job in Los Angeles or whether you’re getting your nose job in Clear Lake, TX or somewhere else—go subtle. If Chenoweth did indeed get a nose job, her surgeon did a masterful job of making subtle changes, and those are the best kind. Most patients do not want to advertise the fact that they’ve gotten plastic surgery at all. They prefer that people simply notice that they look better. The best way to do this is by making small changes to the nose.

Now, that won’t always be possible. There are some patients who really desire a completely re-engineered nose. That’s okay. Whether the changes are big or small, the point is that those changes have to work with the rest of your face. Most plastic surgeons are pretty good at keeping and even enhancing that balance, but it’s definitely not a bad idea to have a conversation about how a rhinoplasty procedure can change your entire face. Because a rhinoplasty procedure will change your face—it’s just up to you how much it will change your face.

Rhinoplasty, the Human Brain, and Faces

People tend to be quite sensitive to such a change. The human brain, after all, is heavily wired to detect changes in facial structure (we’re designed to recognize faces incredibly well: that’s why we see them everywhere). So it won’t take much to make an impact on the look of your nose. You may even try some non-surgical options. Either way, changing your nose will definitely change the way you look. You should be prepared for that change.

It’s worth noting, of course, that rhinoplasty is consistently one of the highest rated procedures—people are happy when they get home. It’s a great way not only to get the nose you want, but also to ensure you get the face you want. To make sure that people are looking at you and not your nose. Achieving this result does not take a big change.

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