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Summary: When should you get a makeover if you’ve been thinking about one for a while? Sometimes we hem and how and think for so long that we never actually end up acting. That can be the case with a makeover. Sometimes, it’s better to just try it out–although if you’re adding cosmetic or plastic surgery into your makeover that might not necessarily be the case. Whenever you decide to get a makeover it’s important to remember that the purpose of this transformation is to make you feel great about yourself.

When In Your Life Should You Get a Makeover?

Makeovers come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t always require cosmetic or plastic surgery. So when should you get a makeover? And when should that makeover be more substantial? Much of how you might answer those questions depends on what you actually consider a makeover.

Taken at face value, a makeover is simply a change in the way you look. To be considered a “makeover,” that transformation must be pretty comprehensive. Rather than just changing your eye shadow, you change your entire makeup regiment. Rather than simply changing your hairstyle, you change your overall style, fashion included.

Makeovers performed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons usually tend to be more limited in scope but are no less transformational. Where ever or however you decide to undergo your makeover, the motivations behind that decision still seem important. When should you get a makeover, pulling the trigger on a desire to change? Sometimes it depends on where you are in life–and on what you have access to.

Life Events That Might Prompt a Makeover

Sometimes life throws you a good reason to look into a makeover. And, at this point, we should probably be somewhat clear about something: a makeover isn’t about making yourself better; it’s just about seeking out a change. We don’t really believe that one version of you is better than another–simply that they are different. And sometimes that difference can be nice.

That’s especially true when it’s a negative life event that pushes you to want a makeover. This could be anything from a divorce to a death in the family. According to the website of a Brainerd, MN, family attorney, divorce can be an exceptionally trying process. The same is true of any number of life events–and sometimes it can be nice to give yourself something to look forward to after an unpleasant stretch of life.

One might consider makeovers after something negative as a way to:

  • Reassert your identity and your individuality; a way of saying “this is who I am.”
  • Give yourself some motivation to get through those tough times in life; it might just be a little thing, but having that reward to look forward to at the end of your journey can often be quite helpful
  • Celebrate your internal transformation by changing how you look externally
  • Spend some time thinking about yourself–your desires, your needs, your goals–after having to think about others for an extended period of time

We all encounter trials in our lives. A makeover is one way of rewarding yourself for coming through that trial.

Should You Feel Pressured to Get a Makeover?

Makeovers make for great TV. Likely, that’s how many people were first exposed to the concept. And usually in these TV formats, somebody nominates a loved one for a makeover, leading to a reveal at the end of the episode, followed by hugs and tears of joy.

But pressuring someone to undergo a makeover in real life doesn’t quite work that way. That’s because there’s a fine line between giving someone a nudge to get outside his or her comfort zone (which can be a good thing) and completely undermining another person’s confidence and self esteem.

The more you know someone, the easier that line could be to find. But it’s not an area where you want to venture without thought. Indeed, learning how to tread lightly could definitely be to your advantage. Not everyone is going to want a makeover. And, to take that even further, some who you might not think need a makeover are going to want one.

In other words, be cautious when making makeover assumptions.

The Timing is All About You

Ultimately, the timing of your makeover should be all up to you. Whatever works for you and your schedule should come first. The last thing you want to do is create stress and panic around your makeover.

And, of course, you want to give yourself time to enjoy the final results of your makeover. So the timing is going to depend on what you’ve got happening on your schedule. The timing will also depend on how extensive your makeover might be. If you’re going to include cosmetic or plastic surgery, the timeline for your makeover will increase.

At the end of the day, what’s important is that you love the way you look. Sometimes, a makeover can help get you to that point. When should you get a makeover? Well, it depends on what’s going to work for you life. The important thing is that you don’t get that makeover unless you want one–at least on some level.

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