Summary: The mommy makeover is an incredibly popular procedure. But some question why get a mommy makeover? The motivations may not be obvious at first, especially when you consider that this procedure is actually three individual procedures. Most mommy makeovers consist of a liposuction procedure, a breast enhancement procedure, and a tummy tuck. These three procedures are highlighted because those are the most common complaints from patients who happen to be mothers.

Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are so many plastic surgery procedures out there that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what’s the best option and what’s only the second best option. The last thing patients want after they go through a tough plastic surgery process is to ask themselves: did I go with the right procedure? Did I make the right choices? Patients should feel confident that their results are the best possible results from the best possible procedure. This goes double when procedures are combined. Perhaps the most popular “combined” procedure (or, at least, the most marketed combined procedure) is the Mommy Makeover.

The mommy makeover is really a combination of procedures more than one procedure. Whether those procedures are performed, basically, all at once or one at a time over the course of a year or so is usually up to the patient and the plastic surgeon. However, the procedures usually consist of either a breast lift or breast augmentation (or a combination of both), liposuction, and a tummy tuck. Those three procedures are designed to address typical concerns that usually show up in women who also happen to be mothers.

The Stress of Motherhood

The reason why these complaints tend to be common to mothers is because there are some common stresses that are often experienced by mothers. The first set of stresses is, of course, to the body. Pregnancy and child birth both exert tremendous stresses on the body. Pregnancy, perhaps most obviously, stretches out the tissue around the abdomen—the belly area. For most women, the belly skin might bounce back a bit, but it won’t be looking as youthful and fit as it once did. That’s where a tummy tuck comes in.

Additionally, the process of nursing, of expressing milk, can be quite taxing on the breast area, subjecting the breasts to a wide range of stresses (not to mention the changes in size). This can either leave the breasts with a more downward facing orientation than before, or it can leave them looking “deflated.” Many women find these features to be somewhat uncomfortable. A breast lift is designed to mitigate the orientation, while a breast augmentation is designed to mitigate the “deflated” look. Both of these procedures are designed to make the breasts look more youthful than they did.

Emotional Stress and Liposuction

Of course, we all know that giving birth is only a small part of motherhood. Indeed, much stress (and aging) during motherhood comes from the actual mothering. There’s less time for exercise, and, if you’re a working mother, more hours spent sitting instead of being active. It’s not necessarily always fair (or healthy), but parenting is one of those activities in which you are always putting yourself second. This means that mothers, of course, tend to put on weight. I do want to emphasize that, in and of itself, this is not a bad thing. There are plenty of people who feel great about their bodies no matter the size, no matter the shape, and so on. And people should feel great about their bodies.

However, weight gain can cause emotional discomfort. One way to mitigate that discomfort is to engage in a diet and exercise routine. However, diet and exercise is not exactly perfect. There are areas of fat that simply will not respond to diet or exercise. The solution is a procedure called liposuction. Perhaps among the most famous plastic surgery procedures out there, modern liposuction is great at helping people sculpt their bodies, especially in areas where diet and exercise simply can’t do it.

Why Get a Mommy Makeover?

So why would you get a mommy makeover? Well, the results, generally speak for themselves. This procedure targets areas that are particularly affected by motherhood. It’s worth noting that this procedure did not come about by accident. Rather, plastic surgeons noticed that mothers were asking for certain procedures and that the complaints of mothers were fairly common. The idea is to return the body to the appearance it had before pregnancy, child birth, and motherhood (or, at least return to the body to being close to where it was).

So if you’re thinking about your own body and wishing you could get some of those youthful years back, contact your plastic surgeon today to discuss a mommy makeover. Whether you’re looking for a mommy makeover in Houston, TX, or Los Angeles, CA, your plastic surgeon will be happy to talk to you.

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