Summary:It’s happened to all of us: falling into a medical advice rabbit hole while doing a little supposedly harmless Internet research. While some amount of background prep work can certainly be useful before any procedure, much online content is of dubious origin and could be more likely to create paranoia than to effectively answer any questions.

Between the more mainstream attitude toward plastic surgery that so many people have adopted these days and the ease of information access, it’s certainly understandable why prospective patients are inclined to seek the answers to their most personal plastic surgery questions from the comfort and anonymity of their own homes. However, no amount of Googling can replace the quantifiable value of meeting with a plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss your specific concerns, questions and considerations. Here are four reasons to disconnect from online resources and arrange an in-person consultation in order to get real answers.


1. Online Sources Aren’t Always Trustworthy

The problem with trusting online sources with specific questions about plastic surgery procedures is that medical credentials and claims of evidential proof regarding the efficacy of certain treatments can’t always be verified online. With just a few minutes and an Internet connection, it’s possible to collect dozens of examples of questionable or downright wrong advice on any number of cosmetic surgery topics. In order to ensure that you get reliable, scientifically-proven data so you can make the most informed decisions about both your aesthetic goals and your health, turn off the computer and call a board certified plastic surgeon with verifiable credentials instead.

2. The Internet Lacks Fact-Checkers

The Internet has no all-powerful editor who serves as a filter for false information or factual discrepancies. No supervisor combs the darkest corners of the World Wide Web in order to permanently remove outdated data or expired health advice. In a medical office, however, the supervising physician is where the buck stops for news on the latest breakthroughs and changes in practices and procedures that may achieve superior results. Beware of obsolete, inaccurate factoids about plastic surgery from online sources and stick to an in-person discussion with knowledgeable plastic surgeon for the most accurate, up-to-date research about the latest techniques and procedures.

3. There’s No Substitute for Professional Experience

Nothing compares with the hands-on experience that a plastic surgeon earns over a lifetime of work in the field. Surgery is as much an art as a science in many ways, and the nuanced techniques he or she masters over an extensive career are the best way to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Any Internet charlatan can make claims about surgical skill, but the proof lies in the intimate connection made at a consultation and the detailed conversation of your particular goals that can only be conducted in person.

4. Consultations Offer Advice for You and You Alone

The one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery questions and answers that’s so often seen online leaves no room for special considerations presented by your own lifestyle and unique anatomy. In a consultation, your plastic surgeon will approach your aesthetic goals from the ideal starting point: your own body. Tune out the general Internet info and tune into a more personal frequency in consultation with your surgeon. This individual approach is the best way to achieve your goals and create the most beautiful version of you.

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