Summary: Celebrities and plastic surgery go together like, well, two things that really go well together. Peanut butter and jelly? Yeah, that works. In most cases. Celebrities don’t always go in for plastic surgery, and one of those celebrities is Paris Hilton. Indeed, Paris Hilton avoids plastic surgery. However, there are many ways you can change your appearance aesthetically without the need for surgery. Many of these non surgical procedures have become quite popular because they offer instant gratification and don’t require a long recovery from surgery.


Paris Hilton Avoids Plastic Surgery

We’re used to seeing celebrities in the tabloids because of plastic surgery rumors. There probably isn’t a day that goes by where somebody doesn’t accuse Megan Fox or Iggy Azalea or, heck, even Michelle Obama of having plastic surgery. So it’s kind of refreshing that, for once, a celebrity is in the news because she hasn’t had plastic surgery and doesn’t plan on having plastic surgery. Recently, reality television star and professional heiress Paris Hilton was reported telling New You magazine that not only has she never had plastic surgery, but also that her dermatologist refused to give her Botox injections because her skin is too “perfect.”

Now, it’s interesting that this is news. But, in Hollywood—as Hilton herself even mentions—plastic surgery is everywhere. And while Hilton has nothing against the practice and has plenty of friends who have gone under the knife, she doesn’t find the prospect personally appealing. It seems instead she has undertaken a regimen of taking care of her skin by, essentially, staying out of the sun. This is, actually, a pretty darn good idea. The sun is probably more damaging to the skin than just about anything else out there (also a good idea: stay away from tanning).

Botox Will Make You Look Younger… Once You Get Older

So is there some kind of danger that Botox is going to make you look older or that cosmetic surgery in general is bad for you? Not really. Though, of course, there are some things to take into consideration. For example, you probably don’t want to get Botox when you’re too young for it. Granted, it’s difficult to imagine damage to the skin because of Botox use, especially when that Botox is use is well regulated and supervised by a professional, such as cosmetic surgeon. Indeed, the fact that Hilton’s dermatologist told her no is a good thing—that’s what cosmetic surgeons are supposed to do when there is no good use for a procedure.

Because that’s the thing: Botox won’t help Paris Hilton because, currently her skin is too good. She’s in her early thirties. This is not uncommon. Many patients don’t start using injectables until their later thirties or early forties. They’re trying to hold back the hands of time. Well, the hands of time haven’t come for Paris Hilton quite yet. And so she doesn’t need Botox. But that doesn’t mean she won’t, and no matter how well she takes care of her skin, eventually she will develop wrinkles.

Non Surgical Procedures to Change Your Aesthetics

Of course, there are other nonsurgical procedures that one can engage in—procedures that aren’t necessarily designed to turn back the hands of time but, rather, are designed to offer an aesthetic change without surgery. Foremost on this list is the non surgical nose job. Developed in Los Angeles non surgical rhinoplasty is a way for patients to get a different shaped nose without the need for a surgical procedure. This may sound trivial, but it allows thousands of patients to feel great about their noses without the need for surgery. And rhinoplasty surgery is generally not a fun experience.

But a non surgical nose job isn’t the only non-surgical procedure out there. Thanks to advances in dermal fillers and lasers, non surgical facelifts and non surgical jaw changes are now possible. So if your jaw is a shape you don’t want, you can change that shape. If you have a double chin, you can use an injectable to change or treat that. These are great procedures that allow a wide variety of patients, who might otherwise be unable to get the new look that they want to suddenly be happy with the way they look.

It’s Not for Everybody, but it Might be for You

It’s true that Paris Hilton probably doesn’t feel she needs a non surgical nose job. And that’s a good thing. No one should get cosmetic surgery simply because he or she feels as though it’s required to look good. You should only seek out cosmetic surgery if there’s something that you truly want to change about yourself in order to be happier, overall, with the way you look. That said, those who want cosmetic surgery and who get plastic surgery tend to experience just that happiness.

So if you’re looking to change something about yourself—whether that’s taking a few wrinkles away or adding a little something to the bridge of your nose, talk to your cosmetic surgeon to schedule a confidential consultation. It won’t take much to give you the look you’re after. And, in all likelihood, you won’t have to undergo a surgical procedure to get it. If nothing else, that means instant gratification.

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