Summary: There’s a new study that seems to bring up a question: will rhinoplasty make you happier and more successful? The results of the study tend to conform to that conclusion, but there are definitely some caveats. Indeed, the only people who benefit from rhinoplasty are those patients who have wanted a nose job for some time.

Will Rhinoplasty Make You Happier and More Successful in the Long Run?

The ultimate test of any plastic surgery procedure is how you feel afterwards. So will rhinoplasty make you happier and more successful? Certainly, not on its own. There is some recent research that suggests rhinoplasty patients are viewed as being more successful and more attractive.

But there are certainly some caveats to go along with that research. The survey was conducted over the web (which in itself is not a disqualifier—just a note). But more importantly, those surveyed were looking at rhinoplasty before and after photos. This means that they didn’t see anyone who was not a rhinoplasty patient.

In many ways, this research is answering a “worth it” question. Is rhinoplasty worth it? For most of these patients, the answer is yes—an objective third party noticed improvements. But will rhinoplasty make you happier and more successful in general? Well, only if you actually want a rhinoplasty. And even then there are no guarantees.

Common Motivations for Getting a Nose Job

Part of what this survey is getting at, really, is one’s motivation for undergoing a rhinoplasty in the first place. Now, if you’re looking for success and fame on their own merits, a nose job is not going to be the fastest way from point A to point B. In other words, a nose job isn’t a really great means to an end.

Instead, rhinoplasty must be an end of its own. However, what drives that desire in the first place can vary from patient to patient. Here’s what I’m getting at, though: you should not get a nose job if your aim is to be more popular or more successful or something like that.

Motivation and Peer Pressure

Most good candidates for rhinoplasty procedures have a motivation that goes something more like this: they feel uncomfortable about the way their noses look. One might feel self conscious about a drooping tip or a wide bridge. And that discomfort could certainly be amplified by the way people react to your nose.

But if you like your nose, don’t consider a rhinoplasty. If your nose has bugged you all your life, then it’s more likely this procedure is for you.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

If you want a rhinoplasty, there are actually significant benefits to finally getting a rhinoplasty procedure. Many patients report:

  • Significantly improved confidence and self esteem
  • Improvements in the overall aesthetics of the nose
  • Often, rhinoplasty can produce functional benefits as well (sometimes it can be easier to breathe after a rhinoplasty)
  • Rhinoplasty can produce a nose that looks straighter
  • Nose jobs can also produce a nose size that looks more proportional to your overall face

In many ways, I think it’s this proportion that contributes to the “attractive” look of those who have undergone a rhinoplasty. What most nose job patients understand, even if only unconsciously, is that the nose plays a significant role in the proportions of the face.

The nose is kind of like the centerpiece of the face. If the centerpiece is the right proportions, it blends in and sort of makes everything cohesive. When that centerpiece is too large, too small, too droopy or anything else, it can simply draw attention to itself.

Character and Identity

For some people, their noses are a significant part of their identity and their character. It is just part of who they are. So changing the nose is unthinkable. Other patients have experienced a nearly lifelong desire to make a change. Rhinoplasty surgery helps that to happen.

But will it actually make you more successful? Maybe, in a way. As mentioned above, a nose job can certainly fill the right kind of patient with confidence and improve one’s self-esteem. That confidence can translate into better performance (or perceived performance) and results in, for example, a promotion.

But the nose job itself isn’t going to somehow lead to more success. It’s more about how you react to it.

Getting the Procedure and the Results You Want

It’s important to emphasize, I think, that the study above looked only at patients who had undergone rhinoplasty procedures. But the survey did seem to indicate that, broadly speaking, rhinoplasty procedures tend to be worth it.

Granted, those who undergo nose job procedures make up only a small portion of the overall population. The key ingredient if you want your nose job to feel worth it is that you have to actually want a nose job—sincerely and earnestly.

That’s something that most surgeons will ask you about during your consultation. Will rhinoplasty make you happier and more successful? Perhaps, but not directly. Most of that is up to you. The nose job just helps.

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