Body Contouring

Non Surgical Slimming

More and more people looking to shape and sculpt their body are turning to non surgical methods because of their safety and faster recovery times. Non Surgical Body Contouring procedures are typically done without anesthesia, and are less invasive, if invasive at all, compared to traditional liposuction and augmentation techniques of the past.


Many body contouring procedures of the past were difficult on the body. Now, because of the non surgical options, patients can get the look and results they want without having to worry about the complications associated with surgery. Natural, and more sensitive alternatives are now offered to those wishing to contour their body and lose weight without traditional invasive methods.

Body Contouring Procedures

There are many non surgical body contouring procedures and there is a wide range of options for you depending on your desired result. Some weight loss procedures utilize water, others dissolve the fat at it’s source. In most cases, fat is excreted from your body naturally and doesn’t need to be suctioned out. In augmentation and contouring procedures, fat can be transferred to one area of the body to be placed in another. This is a great natural technique that requires no foreign implants.

Risks & Recovery

The risks of Non Surgical Body Contouring procedures will very, but because most use such gentile, natural methods, there are rarely any major complications. Recovery time is often immediate depending on the technique. Your doctor will help decide which process will be right for your desired results. It is important to discuss all the risk and health factors with him/her before proceeding.