Fat Dissolve

Slim Without Surgery

Fat Dissolve is an injection technique designed to reduce and/or eliminate smaller, localized fat deposits. Fat dissolving technology uses a few small injections into areas where you wish to see lasting results. The fat is dissolved and excreted naturally, with no anesthesia required during the procedure.

How Does It Work?

Fat Dissolve is an office procedure that approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dissolve fatty deposits from the body. A specially formulated compound of natural acids is injected into the targeted area, and goes to work breaking down the fat. After the fat is disassembled, is naturally secretes from the body permanently. New fat will never take the place of deposits removed by Fat Dissolve technology.

Areas of Improvement

Fat Dissolve is a procedure that can help delicate areas, as well as larger areas. Many patients elect to have the procedure done on their chin, eye lids, and jowl. Because the process is gentile and precise, any area can be dissolved with little bruising or swelling. Back, stomach, buttocks, and thighs are other larger areas that Fat Dissolve can help improve.

How Popular Is Fat Dissolve?

Fat Dissolve technology is gaining popularity quickly because it is an outpatient procedure. As an alternative to invasive traditional liposuction, Fat Dissolve procedures require little down time and are generally more accessible. Thousands of these procedures are performed every year by qualified cosmetic surgeons.

Risks and Recovery Times

Because Fat Dissolve is a natural technique, very few risks are associated. Recovery times are fast, and usually only involve the healing of minor bruising or redness. Irritation at the injection site is common, but resolves on it’s own fairly quickly. As with all cosmetic procedures, discuss your health issues and concerns with your doctor before electing to participate in the Fat Dissolve treatment.