Fat Transfer

Eliminate Fat Without Surgery

The Fat Transfer process, also known as fat injection or fat grafting, is the practice of removing fat from one area of the body and reintroducing it into another area. It can be used as a safe, non-surgical alternative to many augmentation or liposuction procedures. The Fat Transfer procedure can be used in any area that needs plumping up.

How Does It Work?

Fat Transfer is performed as an outpatient procedure. After preparing the donor sight for fat removal with a localized anesthetic (no general anesthesia necessary) the surgeon will then draw out the existing fat using a “cannula,” a thin, less invasive needle. Once the fat is purified, it is injected back into the body in the area that needs to be filled in. Essentially two surgeries in one, parts of your body will be thinner and more sculpted, while your target area will be filled and plumped.

Areas of Improvement

Fat Transfer can be used on several areas of the body to provide an enhancement. Usually fat is removed from the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs and injected into the face or breasts. However, it is not uncommon these days for patients to want to increase the size of their butt, in which case fat is removed from a different area and injected into the buttocks.

How Popular Is Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer is gaining popularity because it offers people another option aside from the invasive augmentation or liposuction surgery of the past. While early forms of this technique were performed in Europe over a hundred years ago, Fat Transfer has just started gaining momentum in the United States. It is wildly popular, and today doctors and patients often choose it over traditional techniques. The entire process only takes a few hours, and leaves you with multiple positive results.

Risks and Recovery Times

Fat Transfer is a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional procedures. Downtime is minimal, and the side effects usually only include soreness, slight bruising, and redness. Most recover within a day or two, and depending on your injected area, many may experience no side effects at all. As with any surgery, though, major complications may arise, so it is important to discuss all of the information associated with Fat Transfer before electing to have the procedure.