Non Surgical

Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women every year inquire about breast augmentation but fear that the harsh surgery and foreign implants will be too much of a risk. Non Surgical Breast Augmentation gives women a second option- a completely natural, safe way to enhance or augment your shape by using a fat grafting process that transfers fat from other areas of the body into the breast. One of the leading plastic surgeons to consider is Miami breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Moises Salama.

How Does It Work?

A Non Surgical Breast Augmentation procedure begins with the removal of fatty deposits from an area of the body where they are unwanted. Doctors will then purify and liquefy the fat, and inject them into the breast. You are left with a natural look, with no foreign implant, minimal incision points, and a much faster recovery time! Like getting two surgeries for one – the non surgical procedure will shape one area of your body while enhancing another.

Areas of Improvement

Non Surgical Breast Augmentation is perfect for women who want a natural look. You wont have to replace implants every few years like with traditional methods of augmentation surgery. Breast implants can also rupture, ripple, and deflate – this can’t happen, and will never happen, to the fat injected into the breast.

How Popular Is It?

Non Surgical Breast Augmentation procedures are gaining in popularity because of their minimal downtime and reduced risk. Once the fat is transferred into the breast, the results can be long lasting. Recently Food and Drug Administration approved (FDA), this augmentation process will continue to gain momentum as more and more women approach their doctors with requests for a natural looking breast.

Risks and Recovery Times

There are always risks when it comes to surgery, even though the Non Surgical Breast Augmentation procedure is a lot less dangerous than traditional methods. Calcification of the fat transferred into the breast can cause hardening, but is a rare occurrence. Bleeding and infection are always possibilities, so it is important to consult your doctor before electing to proceed with Non Surgical Breast Augmentation.