ZERONA® is a new technology that utilizes cold lasers to remove fat and sculpt your body. It is a nearly painless, effortless procedure with no downtime associated with it. Often times ZERONA® is referred to as relaxing or Zen like because it is not invasive and can be relaxing to some patients. Used in place of traditional liposuction, ZERONA® laser technology is a great new alternative for those seeking fast results.

How Does It Work?

Cold laser technology is a process in which lasers are used to dissolve fat in the body. All the patient needs to do is lay in a relaxing position for 40 minutes and stay stationary- the ZERONA® cold-laser technology does everything else. ZERONA® lasers break up the fat, which is naturally secreted from your body during detoxification. It is painless and effortless, with no needles or anesthesia required.

Areas of Improvement

ZERONA® cold-laser technology can be used in any area the patient wants to see a reduction in fat. Similar to the results of liposuction, ZERONA® will work on large areas as well as more delicate areas. ZERONA® can reduce inches from targeted areas, contour and reshape your body, as well as tighten and tone loose skin. The stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks are all areas where people have benefited from cold laser technology. ZERONA® can also be used on the arms, knees, neck… just tell your doctor where you are hoping to see results and they will work with you to design the perfect treatment plan.

How Popular Is It?

ZERONA® is popular because it is painless and easy. It is constantly being featured on day time talk shows, and on the news. It is causing quite a buzz because of it’s noninvasive alternative to liposuction methods of the past. Newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the success and popularity of ZERONA® and cold laser technology is only expected to rise even further.

Risks and Recovery Times

ZERONA® has no recovery times because it is noninvasive. You wont feel any pain during or after the procedure. You are allowed to resume daily activities immediately, and wont have to stay in the doctors office any longer than the procedure lasts. As with all cosmetic procedures, complications may arise, so discuss with your doctor any health concerns you have before participating in a ZERONA® treatment.