The product PERLANE® improves the look of your skin by adding volume and fullness. This result can correct the signs of aging, including moderate to severe face folds and wrinkles. PERLANE® is a clear gel injection that works quickly and effectively on even the most intense and noticeable skin imperfections.

How Does It Work?

PERLANE® works by filling your deep lines and wrinkles with clear gel, which adds volume to the area and leaves a smooth result. Like most injected facial correctors, PERLANE® is a safe and quick out patient procedure. This process can be done in under a half an hour, and over 70% of patients maintain their improvements for up to 6 months after their initial treatment.

Where Can It Help?

What sets PERLANE® aside from the rest is that it is specially formulated to work on even the deepest set lines and wrinkles. The gel partials, on average, are larger than those used in other injection procedures, making PERLANE® perfect for those who can benefit from deeper injections to the skin. This clear gel can improve many areas of the face, especially those lines that form around the lips and mouth.

How Popular Is It?

PERLANE® is increasing in popularity because of it’s cutting edge gel formula. The reason it has become so sought-after is because it requires no general anesthesia, no down time, and no surgery. PERLANE® is popular among celebrities, and has been used on thousands of women to achieve beautiful, smooth results.

What are the Side Effects?

PERLANE®, like all other non surgical injections, does have some moderate side effects. PERLANE® should not be used by those who have had previous allergies to drugs. Side effects reported have included swelling, redness, and irritation at injection site. Talking to your doctor will help you to determine if PERLANE® is right for you.