RADIESSE® is a volumizing filler that can help reduce the signs of aging on your face. It does so by replenishing your skins lost volume, plumping up the areas where you need it most. RADIESSE® works under the skin, using collagen to act as a structure allowing your own natural collagen to grow. It is one of the only products on the market today to do so, and it does it fantastically!

How Does It Work?

RADIESSE® is a collagen-based injection that can be used to fight the signs of aging. Upon injection, RADIESSE® immediately lifts and volumizes your skin, filling in the folds and wrinkles you may be currently experiencing. The volumizing filler uses collagen to stimulates growth of your own body’s natural collagen.

Where Can It Help?

Aging can rob your skin of a youthful, fresh appearance. RADIESSE® injections can help fight this unfortunate scenario on your facial lines, wrinkles, and anywhere else your face has lost elasticity. Laugh and smile lines, brow lines, and “parentheses” between the nose and mouth are all places RADIESSE® can benefit.

How Popular Is It?

RADIESSE® is preferred by patients because of it’s lasting results. In several studies, this product was chosen as a favorite over comparable collagen injections. One reason for this may be because RADIESSE® injections have a long lasting effect: most patients experience results for up to a year or more! It is also the only product to stimulate your own collagen production. Since it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, thousands have chosen RADIESSE® over the leading competition.

What are the Side Effects?

All non surgical facial injections come with some side effects. RADIESSE® can cause mild irritation at the injection site, including swelling, burning or redness. These effects have been reported as mild, if at all, and typically resolve on their own. Please consult with your doctor about the safety information associated with RADIESSE® before taking part in the procedure.