As an injectable gel used to reduce the signs of aging, RESTYLANE® works by filling in the deeps lines and wrinkles that cause skin to look older. Adding volume to these areas with RESTYLANE® helps to correct moderate to severe skin folds and wrinkles, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

How Does It Work?

RESTYLANE® works almost immediately by adding volume to even the most severely sunken in areas. A clear gel acts like your own body’s hyaluronic acid, specially formulated to mimic the natural acid you’re already producing. With just a few injections of RESTYLANE® to areas where muscles tend to spasm and cause wrinkles, you will start to see amazing results right away. Injections of the gel are done without general anesthesia, and typically performed as an outpatient procedure.

Where Can It Help?

You loose a lot of natural volume and your skin ages, and contracting muscles in the face cause the deep lines and folds that you may be experiencing. RESTYLANE® can help reverse these signs of aging on laugh lines, lipstick lines, corners of the mouth, and other areas of the face and jaw. RESTYLANE® is biocompatible with the body, and naturally breaks down, making this a safe procedure that still provides lasting results.

How Popular Is It?

RESTYLANE® is increasingly popular due to it’s lasting effects. Up to 95% of patients have seen their improvements last up to 18 months. RESTYLANE® is the worlds most studied injectable gel filler, and has been used by doctors to reverse the signs of aging for over a decade. RESTYLANE® is used in over 60 countries, and over 10 million treatments have been administered.

What are the Side Effects?

RESTYLANE®, like all other non surgical injectable gels, has it’s share of side effects. Most are mild, and decrease on their own. Redness, swelling, and burning at the injection site are common. People with bad allergies should consult their doctor before electing to participate in the RESTYLANE® treatment. It is important to read all of the safety information written on RESTYLANE® before undergoing the procedure.