Laser Treatments

For Radiant, Healthy-Looking Skin

Procedures involving the use of lasers are a minimally invasive way to enhance your appearance, remove/reduce hair, and/or reduce the visibility of a tattoo. Lasers are much less dangerous and intrusive than needles, and this cutting edge technology can be used in a variety of different ways.


Unlike shaving and waxing, lasers offer permanent results. When used for hair removal/reduction, lasers can offer a safe and effective way to achieve the desired results on a number of areas of the body. When used for tattoo removal, lasers provide a non surgical option to reduce the visibility of ink in the skin. Lasers can also be used to correct facial imperfections, and allow for the patient to improve the appearance of his/her skin safely with minimal downtime.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures

Laser procedures are often performed as outpatient procedures requiring only localized anesthesia if any at all. All laser treatments are personalized to fit the patients needs, and are specially designed to give you the results you want without damaging surrounding areas. Lasers are used as a minimally invasive way to correct any issues a patient may have with his/her skin.

Risks & Recovery

There are few risks associated with laser technology, however redness and irritation can occur during extensive laser treatments. Recovery time is often minimal depending on the procedure. Those electing to have facial laser procedures may experience an increased sensitivity to the area until healed completely. It is important to discuss all of these potential risks before electing to take part in the treatments.