Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Removal will reduce and remove the appearance of hair from a patients body by using laser technology. An alternative to shaving and waxing, Laser Hair Removal is typically more permanent and provides longer lasting results.
How Does It Work?

Laser Hair Removal/Reduction uses a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles. This is done without harming the skin around them. A few different sessions are usually required to achieve the ultimate result, meaning the process is gradual and must be done in intervals. Your treatment plan will be specifically designed for you by your doctor, and a personalized approach will be used in removing your hair. Lasers have been reported to feel like a “slight pinch,” but most patients don’t complain of any excessive pain. Different types of lasers that may be used include:

  • Ruby Lasers (the oldest form)
  • Alexandrite Lasers (widely used, best on light skinned patients)
  • Diode Lasers (best for those with darker complexions)
  • Long pulse Nd:Yag lasers (best for thicker hair, can be slightly more painful than other types)
    Intense Pulsed Light Devices (laser alternative, however it is more difficult to achieve results with this method)

Areas of Improvement

Laser Hair Removal/Reduction can remove hair in a number of different areas. Popular treatment areas include the back, the upper lip, the abdomen, the bikini line, the chin, and arms. Consulting with your doctor about the areas you wish to remove hair will help him design a course of action that will leave you smooth and satisfied.

How Popular Is It?

Laser Hair Removal/Reduction is incredibly popular because of it’s permanent, lasting results. Much more continent than shaving or waxing, using lasers to remove hair has been trendy and popular since the late 60’s. In 1995, lasers were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hair removal and reduction. Millions have experienced the fantastic results since then.

Risks and Recovery Times

There are very few risks associated with Laser Hair Removal/Reduction, but redness, tenderness, and swelling can occur after the procedure, so a little recovery time may be needed before showering or applying lotions or oils. No major side effects have been reported, however it is always important to discuss health concerns with your doctor before proceeding with the process.