Dr. Tenley K. Lawton

Tenley K. Lawton
Practice: Tenley K. Lawton, MD Address: 180 Newport Center Dr, Suite 170 Newport Beach, California 92660 Website:

Dr. Tenley Lawton, MD, is a plastic surgeon serving the Newport Beach, CA, area. Located in vibrant and thriving Orange County, Newport Beach is home to one of the most robust and competitive plastic surgery markets in the nation. That Dr. Lawton has found a way to stand out is often seen as a testament to her skill, her method, and her patient-centered focus.

While she might emphasize surgical procedures, Dr. Lawton does offer a wide variety of non surgical cosmetic treatments for patients who would like a less invasive approach. That’s why patients who want Botox or dermal filler injections often come to Dr. Lawton. She is often able to achieve results that look both natural and transformative. Some of the non surgical treatments that Dr. Lawton offers include:

  • Botox
  • Injectable dermal fillers
  • Latisse (for eyelashes)

That said, Dr. Lawton is a board certified plastic surgeon, meaning she also offers her patients a wide variety of surgical procedures. These procedures often still place an emphasis on less invasive techniques. That is, Dr. Lawton’s patients are often interested in keeping discomfort and recovery time to a minimum while still getting the best possible results. That requires an approach which emphasizes less invasive techniques.

Dr. Lawton is well known throughout Newport Beach as surgeon that emphasizes natural looking results. Whether that’s a smaller increase with a breast augmentation or a more modest approach to liposuction, Dr. Lawton is often called upon to place grace before boldness. That’s why her patients often comment on how sophisticated and natural their results look.

Dr. Lawton’s surgical specialties include the following:

  • Mommy Makeover
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Tummy Tuck

To learn more about Dr. Lawton, visit her website or contact her Newport Beach cosmetic surgery offices to talk to a member of her staff!