Dr. John A. McFate

John A. McFate
Practice: Precision Plastic Surgery Address: 4701 Bee Cave Suit 106 Austin, Texas 78746 Website:

Plastic surgery is a unique combination of artistry and medicine. Surgeons needs to know the underlying medical practices to achieve the desired results, but they must also have an aesthetic eye and the ability to apply a sense of proportion to the human body, in much the same way that classical Greek sculptors did with marble. Irving, Texas native, Dr. John A. McFate possesses a unique blend of skills and talents that help to make him one of Texas’s leading plastic surgeons.

McFate’s love of analysis and complex systems first led him to study biomedical engineering at Texas A&M University, but while an undergrad he also discovered an interest in anatomy and medicine. While he pursused this new path, he found his previous studies useful in identifying systemic ways to improve results and research, and he began to publish his findings regularly.

It was during a postdoctoral residency that McFate found the potential encompassed by plastic surgery. He saw that, as a field, cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgery could do a lot of good for a lot people who suffered from a variety of ailments. He specialized in breast reconstruction as a way of honoring his mother, who had succumbed to breast cancer when he was very young.

McFate takes the same healing approach to his practice at Precision Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas. No matter the procedure that the patient desires, McFate is committed to giving patients the best results possible, because he knows how important cosmetic procedures can be in improving the quality of life of all patients. Dr. John McFate’s primary mission is to give you the best care—and the best results—possible.