Dr. Maryam Nazemzadeh

Maryam Nazemzadeh
Practice: Sanctuary Cosmetic Center Address: 1650 Tysons Blvd Tysons, Virginia 22102 Website:

One of the guiding forces at the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center in Washington, DC, Dr. Maryam Nazemzadeh is a cosmetic and reconstructive oculo-facial plastic surgeon. At the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, she offers procedures ranging from a mini facelift to an eyelid lift in Washington D.C.

Dr. Nazemzadeh brings experience and expertise to her patients, providing surgical and non-surgical options for patients who are looking for cosmetic or reconstructive results. She completed a two-year fellowship in cosmetic and reconstructive oculo-facial plastic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, so she has the experience and qualifications to give patients excellent results.

Devoted to the welfare and results of her patients, Dr. Nazemzadeh will often work to give patients the best possible results with the least amount of pain and discomfort possible. As such, Dr. Nazemzadeh is an expert in the field of injectables and laser technologies—from Fraxel to Kybella to Juvederm. That said, Dr. Nazemzadeh is also highly experienced and qualified when it comes to facial plastic surgery.

For example, one of the procedures that Dr. Nazemzadeh performs is called an eyelid lift. This procedure removes excess tissue from around the eyelid; this tissue can be exceptionally problematic not only because it causes lines and wrinkles (and therefore makes the face appear far more aged than it would normally) but also because it can impair the vision of the patient. By performing eyelid lift procedure, Dr. Nazemzadeh not only helps patients look more youthful but also helps them see better.

Since graduating near the top of her class from the George Washington University, Dr. Nazemzadeh has been working hard to help people, both cosmetically and therapeutically. Because of her experience, her expertise, and her work, she is a true asset to the Washington D.C. area, including northern Virginia. To learn more about Dr. Nazemzadeh and the work she does, contact the Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, in Tysons, VA.