Dr. Alexander Rivkin

Alexander Rivkin
Practice: Westside Aesthetics Address: 11645 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800 Los Angeles, California 90025 Website:

Since 2003, Dr. Alexander Rivkin has been giving patients excellent service at Westside Aesthetics, a medical spa located in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Rivkin’s practice specialized in giving patients the results they wanted while minimizing surgical procedures and unnecessary invasiveness. Dr. Rivkin devoted much of his time to developing a means to reproduce surgical-quality results without the need for any type of invasive operation.

Among his greatest successes in this regard would have to be the nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Rivkin developed a way to use dermal fillers that reproduced some of the effects of regular rhinoplasty. In an effort to spread the word of his success, Dr. Rivkin has published many research papers on nonsurgical techniques, and has made many media appearances. Based on the popularity of the procedure, he has certainly found a receptive audience.

That approach is the centerpiece of Dr. Rivkin’s practicing philosophy, looking to give patients the rewards of plastic surgery without the debilitating and traumatizing recovery involved. There’s an element of instant gratifications here, but it has served Dr. Rivkin’s Los Angeles cosmetic surgery patients well.

While he’s a busy surgeon, Dr. Rivkin has also made time both to pursue research, as well as to serve on the board of a number of charities, including the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research. Dr. Rivkin is also sure to make time to serve as an assistant professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, located in Los Angeles, to help guide the next generation of doctors and surgeons, giving back to his community through the act of instruction.

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Dr. Rikvin has traveled many miles throughout his life, and speaks over three languages. He is proud to call an area as cosmopolitan as Los Angeles his home, and looks forward to serving LA cosmetic surgery patients for many years to come at Westside Aesthetics.